He's killed 14 women so far. Is there a number that will bother you?

Marcus [to Bazemore]

Sherlock: I thought you wanted to help.
Michael: I do, but you're not letting me.

I think you're a monster, not an idiot.

Sherlock [to Michael]

Joan: Alone in a dark parking garage?
Sherlock: I lived to tell the tale.

Sherlock: Watson ...
Joan: Sherlock, if you say sorry, I'm going to break one of your ribs.

Joan: Did Ray killing himself make any sense to you?
Bazemore: No.

And yes, I like her like her.

Harland [to Joan]

As soon as [Lily] finishes what they need her to do, there's a good chance she's a dead woman.


If you need to disrobe, feel free. You're in a safe place. Just mind the furniture.

Sherlock [to Harland]

I was wrong about Jimmy. He did have brains. I can see them all over his shirt.

Parole officer

Joan: He's worried about [Lily].
Sherlock: I'm worried about Lily. Seventy-two hours and we're out of suspects.

If my ship is coming in, my sailboat wouldn't be going out.


Elementary Quotes

I'm no closer to using today, than I was yesterday.


Love is a game I've failed to understanding