What is one life compared to thousands of innocent ones?

Odin [to Sherlock]

Odin: I don't suppose you'd mind closing the door.
Sherlock: I don't suppose you want to confess to all the murders you've sponsored.

You haven't touched your dinner. You don't think it's poisoned, do you?

Sherlock [to Annie]

Reichenbach isn't the only person with friends in high places. And I would say mine are further up the mountain than his.


Battling global criminal enterprises is an area in which I have some expertise. Shall we attack him together?

Morland [to Sherlock]

You're referring to old data. I bring you new data. Won't you consider it?

Sherlock [to Odin]

In our business, almost everyone we meet is unsavory.


Actual city murders must not wait.

Sherlock [to Joan]

I brought a present. Shall we open it together?

Odin [to Sherlock and Joan]

Ollie's a magnificent animal, isn't he?


Ollie would make a good canine canary in the coal mine.

Sherlock [to Marcus]

Sherlock: Kind of ironic, a weed-sniffing dog fostered by someone who sells the stuff.
Marcus: I don't know about ironic, but I don't think it's a coincidence.

Elementary Quotes

I hate that expression. The least one can do is always nothing.

Sherlock [to Joan]

A real moving company will step foot in our brownstone over my mouldering body.