Joan: That sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.
Bodyguard: That's because it pretty much is one.

Sherlock: There's got to be another way to treat my condition.
Dr. Hanson: There is.
Sherlock: Rest.
Dr. Hanson: I know it's a four-letter word to you,
Sherlock: It's a four-letter word to everyone.

This man was not killed by God or Zeus or Indra or any other bolt-flinging deity.


Lin: How are you holding up?
Joan: Honestly, I wish I felt more. I was so young when he left that I don't even really remember him.

Hit in the pelvis by a billion volts of electricity. Ouch!


If you like Unicorn Utopia, you're going to love Pretty Princess Party.

Joan [to Sherlock]

The only color I and the other (white-nationalist) leaders care about is green.


Joan: Maybe I'm just lazy.
Sherlock: You most assuredly are not.

The killer's freeze ray was in the shop, so he used his lightning gun instead.


Perhaps you missed the part about a potential weapon of mass destruction needing to be found.

Sherlock [to Joan]

He'd only have to be the brightest bulb of a dim lot.

Sherlock [to Joan]

I want to have kids someday. But you go, and tell us what you find.

Marcus [to Sherlock]

Elementary Quotes

You have someone staying at your place ... on purpose?

Marcus [to Sherlock]

Someone got buried here, Fred. And you just cut them into pieces.

Foreman [to Fred]