Miles: That's why you got back on the bike. Life's too short.
Anna: In my case, literally. What's the point of a terminal illness if you don't have a bucket list, right?

Miles: To save her life, you're telling me I'm supposed to help her find God?
Arthur: Why not?

Rakesh: What if we just blackmailed Jason Bourne?
Miles: We? This was your idea.

Cara: And hopefully, our next friend suggestion gives us a lead on the God Account.
Miles: I don't think so.
Cara: What makes you so sure?
Miles: Because my next friend suggestion is me.

Zane: My political views are a better fit for our country. I did what was best for our people.
Lulu: No, you did what was best for you.

Arthur: Time is a luxury we don't have.
Ali: We? Don't you mean me? I'm the one going through this, remember?

Arthur: What else was I supposed to say? That watching that battle play out with Ella almost broke me? That there would be days where she's going to be days she's going to feel so sick that she's not going to get out of bed. Days where I have to look her in the eye and say 'oh, no baby, it's going to be fine' and hoping that she's not going to see the fear in my eyes."
Trish: They caught it early which means she's going to start treatment early. We are going to get through this. Ali is going to get through this.
Arthur: Yeah, you're right.

Rakesh: That doesn't make any sense? Who is Lule Achebe?
Miles: Um, your soulmate is my friend suggestion.

Rakesh: Wait, they’re getting divorced?
Joy: Do they know that?

Our marriage is over, but the worst part about it is that our friendship is too.


Because when I confront him, he’ll have no choice but to come clean.


Dude, Alphonse is here. I can’t believe we could be starring at the man behind the curtain.


God Friended Me Quotes

I am your host Miles Finer that there is no god and that is okay!


I thought I had it all figured out but then something happened and it changed my life forever. There is no proof of god anywhere in the universe.