William: It's physically impossible for you to injure me without injuring her.
Nathan: I think I can do it.

Audrey: Who built this place?
Nathan: I don't think I want to use this contractor when we build our dream house.

Audrey: But he already has a trouble. What will happen?
William: Aren't you just dying to find out?

Jennifer: So, I'm a freak.
Dave: Don't be ridiculous. You're special.

It's a connection, Nathan, and it keeps getting stronger every minute.


The woman that William wants me to remember, my original self, her name is Mara.


Jennifer: You're living with an illegal alien, Duke.
Duke: Hey, I know a person who does green cards.

You felt her. You felt your original self, and you liked it.


William: How about a kiss for luck?
Audrey: Come any closer and I'll punch you in the face. It'll be worth my own black eye.

You can do whatever you want with Audrey Parker -- go steady, take her to the prom. I only want the original.


You are Audrey Parker. You don't give people Troubles. You save them.


We're gonna have to start calling you Obi Wan. You're our only hope.


Haven Season 4 Quotes

First, I need a paperclip. Second, I need my pants.


Jennifer: What? I'm not going anywhere with you. I just met you. And you're some kind of criminal.
Duke: Yes, I am a criminal. But, one with a heart of gold.