Laura: Look, it was jailhouse chatter. Nothing.
Jonas: Of an attack on Berlin? I can't just sit on that.

Allison: Am I under arrest?
Dar: It's somewhat of an open question at the moment.

Allison: Now you're geing melodramatic.
Saul: Maybe so. I'm gonna miss you, Allison. I was asleep for ten years. You woke me up.

Allison: Ivan, stop.Think.
Ivan: What's the point, Allison? We have fucking lost.
Allison: No we have not. Now listen to me very carefully.

Terror is the necessary prologue of a caliphate.


Quinn: What do you want?
Qasim: Assad out of Syria and recognition by the UN of the Islamic State.
Quinn: That will never happen.

Allison: I'm burned. You have to get me out of Germany now.
Ivan: What do you mean burned? You're not burned.
Allison: Maybe not yet, but I will be by tomorrow morning.

Carrie: Do you think he's bluffing?
Allison: He's a laywer. It's a negotiation.

I say, let's be professionals, you and I, make it to the very top, the summit of the world.


Allison: Welcome to Operation Iraqqi Freedom.
Carrie: That bad, huh?
Allison: Worse.

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Allison: You said no more bodies.
Ivan: I reconsidered.

Just because I'm sleeping with him doesn't mean I'd perjure myself to protect him.


Homeland Quotes

Carrie: You're a runner now, huh?
Saul: Yeah.
Carrie: Since when?
Saul: Since Mira filed for divorce.

Rob Hemmis: She's not even president yet. Why not give her a chance?
Dar Adal: Presidents don't get chances; they get tested.