We'll start fresh. And if I do it right, someday when you call me Mom, it will feel earned.

Jane's mom

Zoe: The more I liked you the more I wanted to stay in the "us" zone. I really like you. I really like the idea of "us."
Billy: Why didn't you just say that?

No way. I can't believe I was ever inside that woman.


Jane's mom: Any idea where I might find a spatula?
Ben: Here. We moved the utensils in 2008. You were probably stomping grapes in Tuscany.
Jane: He's, he's not really a morning person.

Jane's mom: Someone moved the mixing bowls.
Ben: Yeah, eight years ago.

Lulu: Hi. Just so you know, whoever you are, this little thing here with Billy, it isn't going to work out. Sorry to disappoint you.
Billy: Lulu, stop.
Lulu: No matter what he says to you, you should know, he's in love with his best friend. And that's never going to change. Good luck.

I can't believe this. They fracking forgot my birthday.

Ben: You know how you warned me not to come on too strong? Lesson learned.
Jane: You know how you warned me to not let the fame thing go to my head? Lesson learned.

India: Did you do that because you wanted to or because Gray told you to keep me close?
Jeremy: Does it matter?
India: Not really.

You've always been there for her. You need to let her be there for you.


You have to get over this thing. I know your brother, okay. You've never been like him; you never will be.


Ben: So, cancel the gorrilla-gram?
Billy: Is he serious?
Jane: No way.
Billy and Jane [in unison]: Cancel it!