Oh, and Gray? And, what was it that you used to say? I expect perfection.


I can't wait to catch up.


You came for me....

The whole racing to save Jane thing isn't really my problem anymore.


Jane: I missed you.
Billy: I missed you, too, Janey.

Billy: It's you, Janey.
Jeremy: Jane?
Jane: Wow.

Ben, thank you. For all of it.

Jane: I love you, Ben.
Ben: I love you so much more.

India: I hope you're happy.
Jane: You did this to yourself, India.
India: You got the wrong person.

You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be ... so not fine. It's Lulu's dad.


Oh, and for the record, absolutely nothing happened with 'Wrong guy.' I was too busy talking about you.

India: I'm sorry about the wedding dress.
Jane: It's okay. Besides now that we're friends...
India: Friends? Let's be clear. We are not friends.