You want your space, I'll leave you alone.


I'll be flipping pancakes while people are punching each other in the face.

The Situation

So, um, I, um, got a taxi for you, baby ... I set up everything for you. Are you good?

The Situation

I don't even know. Who knows, dog. That's the first time. The first time that has happened. But I'm a trooper! I'm The Situation, man!

The Situation

I'm not ready to perform right now. I'm like a Ferrari. I'm high maintenance.

The Situation

Why am I doing this by myself, in anger?


[to Vinny] Your eyebrows are so bushy that they collect so much more bacteria than normal eyes would.

Pauly D

Right now, Pauly would hook up with me, he's so drunk.


Whoever wrote me the note, thank you, I appreciate it because I look like a f*%king idiot.


Angelina ... don't know nothin' about Ron.


[to Emilio] I feel like you f--ked me. Yes, I'm very pissed off at you. But I love you. I'm going to give you another chance.


Pick three for each one of us, and the grenade just goes to sleep.