When you go back to the jury room to deliberate, remember one thing. Verdict comes from the Latin Vera Dictum. Means to speak the truth. So when you come back out here, I ask you to do what Daniel Garrett seems incapable of doing. Speak the truth.


Amanda's mother: Believe me, I want this guy to rot. But there's one thing I want more: closure.
Nolan: A conviction will give you closure.
Amanda's mother: No, a conviction will give you closure. You'll move on to your next case. We'll still be in the same place, waiting bty the phone, wondering what happened to our daughter.

Finally some good news. Garett's going to take the stand. Son of a bitch is so used to lying he thinks he can fool a jury.


Knight: They [social media posts] also brought her a lot of revenue, didn't they?
Amanda's mother: You are talking about my daughter. She was a good person, kind to everyone, and she loved animals. And now she's dead.

Defense attorney: She's a social media star; this is all for publicity. I just read a Tweet saying that Amanda is on a beach in the Bahamas.
Judge: I don't accept Tweets as evidence.

Nolan: Let me get this straight. You want to go ahead with a case for a murder when we don't know when, where, why, or even if the victim is dead?
McCoy: That is correct.
Nolan: Can I ask why?
McCoy: Because it's better than the alternative.

Nolan: We don't even have proof Amanda is dead.
McCoy: Are you saying she isn't dead?
Nolan: No. I'm saying that we can't convince a jury she's dead. We only get one bite at the apple and I don't want to blow it going ahead with a case we can't win.

Dixon: Maybe Amanda has a stalker.
Donovan: She made it easy for him. She shared every detail of what she was doing.
Dixon: I hope you're not implying this was her fault.
Donovan: No. I'm saying... call me paranoid, call me old-fashioned. I don't give a rat's ass. THAT is why my kids will not have social media accounts.

Bernard: You saw all this and you just let this guy snatch her up?
Denzig: I'm no hero, man.
Bernard: You're either a coward or you're lying. Neither is good.

Dixon: Lab work came back. DNA profile shows the blood in the van didn't belong to Amanda.
Bernard: Could be good news. She might still be alive. Hopefully.
Donovan: But if the blood at the scene isn't Amanda's...
Dixon: It belongs to a guy named Joseph Denzig. We got a hit in the database. His rap sheet looks like a receipt from CVS. Track him down. Before the Internet does. I don't want a bunch of amateur sleuths finding him and taking the law into their own hands.

You held up a potential homicide investigation to protect your brand?


Time to tell the truth. Otherwise you and Toby are going to be the lead suspects in a kidnap-murder plot.


Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

I never saw anyone with her I-R-L, but online she made van life a thing.


Man: Do you remember when this park was a refuge from tourists?
Woman: You mean back in the 80s when it was full of drug dealers and riots?