On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3, the prosecutorial team must try to secure a murder conviction without proof that the victim, a social media star, is dead.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 touches upon the dangers of social media in more than one way.

When an elderly couple finds blood on the side of a van near Central Park, the cops quickly determine the vehicle belongs to Amanda Larson, a social media star who has millions of followers and makes travel videos. Howver, there is no trace of Amanda.

What begins as a missing persons investigation quickly becomes a homicide case after the police learn Amanda was kidnapped and the suspect drove to a wooded area shortly afterward. They are able to find the perp, Daniel Garrett, and evidence in his truck that he buried something recently, but don't recover Amanda's body

Nolan is reluctant to try a murder case without a body, but McCoy agrees with Samantha that they should try to get justice for the victim and her parents. The DA's office uncovers evidence that Garrett assaulted other women, but the judge deems it too prejudicial and won't allow it. Meanwhile, the defense tries to claim that Amanda is alive and that this is a publicity stunt.

After Amanda's mother begs Garrett on the stand to tell her where the body is, the defense wants to make a deal where Garrett pleads to manslaughter 1 if he tells them where the body is.

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On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3, Bernard and Cosgrove investigate the disappearance of a social media star, while Price and Maroun weigh their decisions.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

I never saw anyone with her I-R-L, but online she made van life a thing.


Man: Do you remember when this park was a refuge from tourists?
Woman: You mean back in the 80s when it was full of drug dealers and riots?