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An older man and woman are walking through the park. The man is complaining about the "fake hippies" parked on the side of the park. He and the woman find blood on the ground.

The van belongs to Amanda Larson, a tourist who was living in her van. The woman is missing. The cops find a hammer on the ground.

The cops talk to Amanda's friend who hung out with her all day but says Amanda wasn't there at 10 pm when she was looking for her. She sleeps with a sound machine so she didn't hear anything. She tells Bernard that Amanda had 2.5 million followers and posted on social media about the van life all the time.

Bernard tries to establish a timeline. Dixon says Amanda's parents are a wreck because Amanda has not called to check in today. They are on their way to NY. She wants something to tell them. But there isn't much. Dixon says let's trace her steps from the party she went to in Brooklyn.

The owner of the place says he gave Amanda a VIP invite. There was a vegan lifestyle blogger who left with her.

The cops talk to the suspect, who knows about the blood on the van because of social media posts. Anyway, his girlfriend wasn't feeling well and stayed home. They went through content from the party at 2:15 AM or something. Toby says he left Amanda at the subway platform for the L train. Donovan wants them to go to the precinct with him as he knows they are lying.

Donovan has proof that Amanda came to Toby's apartment. Toby and Meghan explain they are not together anymore. They didn't want the public to know as it would hurt their brand, so they lied about Toby bringing a girl home. She left at 4 AM

Dixon has got a hit on the blood in Amanda's van, It belongs to a Joseph Denzig who has a long rap sheet. Denzig denies knowing Amanda but has her driver's license. He is arrested.

Denzig denies that he has any idea where Amanda is. He says he broke into the van and sliced his wrist. He saw a guy yelling at Amanda as he broke in and he saw the guy kidnap Amanda. He says the guy put her in a blue and white truck.

The cops look at Amanda's videos and see a guy in the background of two videos. Donovan says this is why his kids don't have social media.

The other girl in the park says she met that guy on a dating app. Amanda went out with him once and didn't want a second date with him. Dixon thinks Garett saw on social media she was having fun at the party and didn't like it.

No one knows where Garett is, but security footage shows he drove through the Lincoln Tunnel at 5:12 AM to a wooded area where he might have buried Amanda's body.

The cops canvas the area. They see Garett's truck. Garett starts running toward the river. Donovan chases and tackles him. He starts demanding to know where Amanda is. Bernard stops him from manhandling Garett. No sign of Amanda but there's a shovel and zipties in the truck.

Garett denies burying Amanda or even knowing anything about her disappearance. Cosgrove gets rough again. Garett lawyers up.

Time is running out. Samantha asks what to charge him with? They can't make a kidnapping case, let alone murder right now.

Nolan says without a body they have no case. He and Samantha debate this in front of McCoy. McCoy wants to go ahead.

At arraignment, the defense attorney files a motion to dismiss, claiming that with no body there is no proof of a crime and claims that Amanda is alive. The judge denies the motion.

Nolan has an idea. They search for other women that Garett went after online. They find six women who are willing to testify that he got violent. The defense attorney argues it's not relevant as he didn't kill the women.  The judge says it's a close call, but it's too prejudicial.

Samantha thinks they need to dig into the evidence they have. A new photo is posted on Amanda's account suggesting she's in Cancun. A reporter asks if it's true they are dropping the charges, which Nolan says it is not.

Amanda's mother testifies that Amanda could not have posted that photograph as she would have let her parents know that she was okay and she didn't.  She also never would have missed her grandpa's 85th birthday.

The defense attorney asks about how many followers Amanda had. She keeps answering her own questions until Nolan objects. SHe asks the winttess about Amanda photoshopping photos of herself into exotic locations before. Amanda's mother says her daughter was a good person who is now dead.

Amanda's mother cries to the DAs because she wants to know where Amanda's body is.

Garett takes the stand. He tries to make it seem like he is reasonable and respected Amanda's decision not to date him. On cross, Nolan shows that Garett has about 30 different dating profiles. He also asks him about the zipties etc he bought right after the date.  Garett claims all the supplies were for camping.  Nolan recaps the timeline and Knight objects to the lack of a question here. Nolan has nothing else. Bernard calls and says they found Amanda's missing shoe.

The woman who found the shoe went to high school with Garett and thinks he's a loser. She remembered him inviting her to a cabin once and she had to run away from him. She checked out the cabin to see if Amanda's body was there but she found the shoe and knew what it was from social media. She jimmied the lock to find the shoe.

McCoy says the 4th amendment doesn't apply to private citizens. Nolan says but the shoe was all over social media, this woman could have bought one at Macys. He doesn't think the jury will buy this. McCoy says the shoe is the next best thing to the body. Put the witness on the stand.

On cross, Knight tries to suggest that Lisa has a grudge against Garett and is trying to get listeners for her podcast.

Prosecution rests but Knight wants a conference before calling anyone to the stand. She wants to know hypothetically what kind of deal Garett could get if he tells them where the body is. She wants Man 1.

Nolan thinks they have a good shot at a murder conviction. Amanda's mother wants closure. She wants the deal. Nolan tells McCoy he thinks they can win and that the family's emotions are irrelevant. Samantha doesn't think this is a good idea. McCoy says if they give Garett the deal he will be young enough to terrorize other women when he gets out. He wants Nolan to get his conviction.

Nolan makes a closing argument about how social media makes it feel like we know victims and the line between truth and fiction is blurred. He urges the jury not to believe Garett's lies. Amanda is dead and Garett killed her.

Nolan wins the case! But Samantha isn't sure that's enough for Amanda's parents.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

I never saw anyone with her I-R-L, but online she made van life a thing.


Man: Do you remember when this park was a refuge from tourists?
Woman: You mean back in the 80s when it was full of drug dealers and riots?