Your mom is Brooke Davis, and she has enough strength for all of us.


I'm sure in three months I'll be wondering who I was before we had a family.


You inspire me. Your goodness inspires me.

Chase (to Mia)

Chase: Can you write thanks for the 45 seconds of heaven?
Mia: 30!

This is our miracle Brooke Davis, and now it's two miracles. And no girl deserves it more.


Congratulations, you're carrying twins.


Brooke: How you feeling sunshine?
Lauren: Shame. So much shame.

Chase: You could have killed yourself! Or someone else!
Chuck: I just...I don't want you to go.

I don't understand camping. We have houses, bed, showers, flat irons.


The tent did not get it done last night.


You fertile bastard.


In case you have noticed, I'm weird Millie. I'm an odd duck.


One Tree Hill Season 8 Quotes

This happens all the time. I sleep with a girl and then the next morning she's already planning the wedding.

Julian (to Brooke)

Haley: These aren't sad tears, they're happy tears.
Nathan: Alright, well how about from now on we do smiles for happy instead?