We're born alone, spend most of our time alone, then we all go out alone.

Detective Williams

Vaughan: Just because things aren't what they seem doesn't mean she's a bad person. Maybe she just doesn't trust y'all yet.
Lucian: Or she's mistletoe, which is actually a toxic parasite. The very plant that encourages us to kiss at holiday time can actually kill the tree it hangs on. Little do you know, all that romance is happening under a tree assassin.

Just because you aren't locked up doesn't mean you aren't still in some kind of prison.


Oliver: She's got those crazy killer eyes, like Liza at three in the morning.
Charles: Please don't tell that story again.

How was the chillin' in Washington Square Park? Was it, like, so chill? Did you chill it up so hard?


Seventy's the new forty.


This is exactly like Die Hard!


Embrace the mess. That's where the good stuff lives.

Cinda Canning

Sometimes a second chance is just another chance to get it wrong.

Cinda Canning

You are scoring a murder mystery, not DJing a hobbit's wedding.


Oliver: Do you appeal to anybody?
Charles: Not for years.

I've fallen in love with so many dead people.