Cabe: King you're with me! Let's go Phil boy, move your knickers.
King Phillip: Hey man, my name's Chad. I sell Jacuzzi's in the valley. I don't fight bikers. I'm out of here.

Paige: Who would sabotage a renaissance festival?
Walter: Probably someone with a sense of historical accuracy.

It's like every week I'm giving him boyfriend lessons. I know it would be hard, but this hard? You and Happy had problems, but at your cores, you're alike. I don't know. We're such different people.


Cabe: Alright because if you need any tips in the gooty department.
Toby: I don't need any tips, and please don't ruin "gooty" for me.

You want to make the waitress swoon? Ditch the math and look into your heart. Also, don't mention her booty.


[singing] Your love is love is love, baby. You know your love is love is love is love because I love you, and you love me. You've got a lovely booty.


From the 50s to the 70s, the most commonly used word was "love," and then oddly the emphasis shifted to the word "baby" in the 80s, and then every songwriter became infatuated with the word "booty," which is slang for "buttocks."


My woman had a problem, and I solved it.


Walter: Are you mad I solved your problem?
Paige: Of course not. You trusted me.
Walter: I'm never going to figure this out.
Cabe: Welcome to women, son.

I am forever unclean.


Mr. Rodent, be cool.


And me? I'm just a shrink, a genius, and from what I've been told an enthusiastic lover.