Carla: When he came in, Mr. Milligan said he and his son had been wrestling and goofing around.
Dr. Cox: Oh my God, He just might have goof-around-itis.
J.D.: We should check him for the silly-wllies too.

Turk: So, dude, you don't understand. When I operate, I don't see a person, I see a machine with parts that need to be replaced and circuits that need to be rewired.
J.D.: So you think you're a robot mechanic?
Turk: As a surgeon, the more detached I am, the more focused I am. And it's pretty impossible to feel focused or detached when this guy's family's watching every move I make.
J.D.: Well, I wouldn't worry about that. Mr. Milligan only has a son and Elliot lost him.
Turk: Awesome!... For me.

Dr. Cox: Carla, Carla, have you seen newbie?
Carla: Oh you mean he got off your leash?
Dr. Cox: Ha, give me a break. The kid's like like a, have you ever seen a drunk baby? Eh, it's a long story involving my son, rum cake, and a low counter. Suffice to say, as it turns out, at first, it's enduring to watch them bounce off of the walls, but then you take your eyes off of them for one second and BAM! They've got a bucket on their head and they're plowing right through your brand new flat screen TV. God save me, it was barely out of the box. The point is... newbie is MY drunk baby.

Carla: You wanna know what I think?
Dr. Cox: (thinks) No.

Carla: I think you know how good a doctor J.D. is, and whether you admit it or not, you have a great personal stake in his future. So don't pretend for one second that all this attention you throw at him is just for him, because it's also for you. As your friend, I'm telling you that if you want him to keep growing you oughtta back off of him once in a while.
Dr. Cox: Carla-
Carla: And don't say anything because you know I'm right and my jeans DO look good.

God, I hate Christmas. I really do.

Dr. Cox

Scrubs Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Turk: Uh, hey, Elliot? Can I talk to you in private?
Elliot: Parlez-vous Franais?
Turk: You know, I did learn a little when my high school class went to France, but that was just stuff to pick up chicks.
Elliot(Translated): Turk, I really think it would make Tyler feel better if he could watch, OK?
Turk(Translated):I have... an... Eiffel Tower... in my pants.
Elliot: What?
Turk(Translated): Grapefruit!

All right, you guys, we still got a lot of work to do. Turk, why don't you go check the post-op films in radiology; and Carla will transfuse back to a hemoglobin ten; and Elliot, why don't you take Tyler and go get us all ice cream immediately.