Dr. Cox: (Patient's bandages are removed and he hands her a mirror) Go ahead and have a look there.
Miss Myers: Wow...
Dr. Cox: You look fantastic, you do. (To Molly) Doctor?
Molly: Really fantastic.
Dr. Cox: Thank God you're here!

Molly: I think she's a little upset she doesn't look the way she used to.
Dr. Cox: Why? How did she used to look?
She shows him a photo.
Dr. Cox: Oh, dear ugly.

Oh, whatta you know, the paging of the shrew.

<i>Jordan pages Dr. Cox</i> Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: You. You went behind my back.
Molly: I gave you every opportunity to do the right thing.
Dr. Cox: I'll tell you what, there, Miss Manners: Why don't you go ahead and gulp down that bear-sized bite, and then we'll talk.
Molly: Yummy! Man, that is great kielbasa. But you can't really screw up kielbasa, can you? So, um, where were we?
Dr. Cox: Honest to God, I can't remember.

Dr. Cox: Oh, you're gonna hang onto that?
Molly: Yeah, you know, I forgot my lunch money, and it's kielbasa day in the cafeteria. Kielbasa!

J.D.: How'd surgery go?
Turk: Oh, you know, I was on top of my game.
J.D.'s Narration: It can be scary to stick your neck out for a friend. That's why it's a huge relief when they come through.
J.D.: How's she doing?
Turk: Uh... unfortunately she didn't make it.
J.D.'s Narration: What?

Elliot: Listen, I probably shoulda put a stop to all this co-chief stuff.
J.D.: What co-chief stuff? I haven't even been thinking about it.

J.D.: So! How you guys gonna celebrate your divorce?
Turk: By not inviting you!

J.D.: What are you doing?
Janitor: Just making it official. Chief. Co-Chief.
J.D.: You can try as hard as you want, that is never gonna stick.
Janitor: Hm.
Resident: Oh! And that's Co-Chief Resident Dorian over there!
J.D.: Dammit! You are quick!

Turk: Dammit, I got an appendectomy again?
Todd: Sweet! I get the duah-d- duoh-duo... duooh-
Turk: Duodenojejunostomy, man. What's wrong with you?
Todd: So I can't pronounce it. Try and be a little more sensitive, okay? New bra, Janice? 'Cause it's working!

J.D.: Hey, uh, you need to move your car - it's my day to have the parking spot.
Elliot: J.D., you have a scooter! Why do you even need a parking spot?
J.D.: Mmmm, it sends a message.
J.D.'s Narration: Just because I lured her away from her perfect boyfriend and then dumped her doesn't mean my scooter, Sasha, needs to suffer.

J.D.: What do you mean she died?
Turk: J.D., I did everything I could. Even my attending thought I did great. He said, "Do I think you did great? Yes I do!"

Scrubs Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

J.D.: Oh my God! Dude! I doubted you for a second, why are you so mad?
Turk: Maybe I needed you to believe in me!
Carla: I believe in you, baby.
Turk: Yeah, but we're married - that doesn't count.

Carla: So are you guys gonna go out tonight?
Turk: No, we're gonna stay in.
Carla: Well, I'll be in the bedroom with all the straight people.