I never thought I'd say this but you were right.

Fiona [to Frank]

She said she had some personal business. I change her diaper, what's more personal than that?


When were you going to tell me, on the flight to Miami? Or is telling your girlfriend you have another life something you talk about more over international waters.


I need you to powder under my tits before I go to bed. I'm chafing like a son of a bitch.

Grammy [to Frank]

it was snowing all summer long in Chicago!


Kevin: How can you be so cold about this?
V: Because she hurt my Kev, and nobody hurts my Kev.

You f*ck girls with that thing?

Grammy [to Lip]

Just for the record, a lot of great men have been well lubricated. Henry Food, Scott Fitzgerald, David Hasselhoff, they all kept a bottle close.


I'm not the reason your life is a piece of crap. You came out of me a loser!


Your coochie smells like brimstone and Sulfur!


What you don't get enough abuse just being Frank's son?

Fiona [to Lip]

One of my unspoken rules is you don't f*ck somebody else when we're on a date.

Adam [to Fiona]

Shameless Season 2 Quotes

The man's in love with his own fabulous self, probably masturbates while he licks his reflection in the mirror.


I got tasered for like a second and I crapped myself. There's no way you got tasered twice, fought off three cops and ran away.