You and Isaac were right I really almost lost everything.

Bob Lee

Nadine: I heard there were dozens of Atlas agents at the campus. You only brought three?
Isaac: They weren't exactly lining up to be taken in.

Harris: You're paying off Atlas agents now?
Nadine: We have a play.
Harris: Does your new band of mercenaries have a name yet? Because the A Team's taken. [Looks at Isaac] You cannot be OK with this, right? [Bob Lee enters]. Thank you, someone, reasonable finally shows up.
Bob Lee: Harris, I need you to get me into a congressional hearing.
Harris: Ugh, I fucking hate you guys.

Russo: And what do they know of the plan?
Carlita: They've surmised the targets could be Senate holdouts to Brooks' confirmation. On the surface, they're cohesive, but there are divisions and conflicting agendas, and Swagger has never forgiven Johnson for his betrayal. I believe we can turn them against each other, and I made sure they'd come looking for me.

Isaac: You gotta plan for when we get to where we're headed?
Bob Lee: Stay breathing.
Isaac: You wanna flesh that out some?

After Hayes' death I discovered myself on the kill list. I used my status as a target to track and infiltrate the group. Memphis was able to unlock the decryptor. She's smart-- driven, but she struggles to accept that there is no black and white in this world only gray. Swagger is skilled but is hampered by his sense of duty which leads him to take unnecessary risks putting himself and others in danger. Johnson is consumed by guilt over his wife's death. He uses violence to try to escape those feelings.


A mission clouded by emotion is a mission failed.


Don't you ever stop assuming the worst in people?

Nadine [to Isaac]

Bob Lee: He killed my father.
Nadine: Are you sure? What are you going to do?
Bob Lee: Kill him.

Bob Lee: I can't go home. Not until this is finished.
Nadine: You think following Carlita will lead to answers about your dad?
Bob Lee: I need to know who took the shot that killed him.
Isaac: This isn't about your father anymore. We're talking about an imminent attack on American soil.
Bob Lee: Two birds one bullet.

Russo: Not all of us aren't meant to heroes, Isaac.
Isaac: You don't know me.

Bob Lee: I hope Carlita made it out okay.
Isaac: She knew what she was doing.
Bob Lee: That psycho didn't get in your head too bad, did he?
Isaac: Nah. You?
Bob Lee: I'm good. I'm thinking you might be right, though. Once we finish this thing, we should leave all of our old shit in the past.
Isaac: Copy that.

Shooter Quotes

The key is communication, but the lock is trust.


A man is the sum of his memories. If those are gone, who am I?