Angus: This element's not on the periodic table.
Lane: So are you any closer to knowing what hit us or not?
Angus: Well, it's made of something that hasn't been discovered on earth. Which means it probably doesn't exist on earth. That means it's found somewhere else.

Brice: Right, I feel like you're keeping the punchline to yourself.
Angus: It could've been a meteor. Or some other rock formation. Or...
Lane: Or what?
Angus: It could've been a weapon.
Garnet: A weapon?
Angus: Engineered to take advantage of this dangerous element.
Garnet: But who could've attacked us? We're the only people in history to go this far in space.
Angus: I didn't say people.

Garnet: I have no doubt in the ingenuity and the resistance in this amazing crew to see us through this current crisis. Garnet Out.
Lane: Bad move. If you think people were rioting and going crazy before, you just triggered a tsunami. Should've kept that to ourselves.
Garnet: Everybody has the right to know.
Lane: Pretty sure that's not how the chain of command works.

Eva: We're putting out fires down here, literally!
Garnet: How bad? Is it another problem that's about to kill us?
Eva: No. I'll have it under control before we die!

Garnet: I have faith in people's resolve.
Lane: That faith is gonna bit us in the ass. If you don't show-
Brice: So the plan is just for you two to argue until we die of thirst!?

Dr. Cat Brandice: Of course you'd hate him.
Eva: Hate is not a word big enough. He deserved to have his throat slit.

Eva: All we needed was one moment of thrust to change our drift path and move us out of the asteriods way.
Angus: Too bad we can't get out and push.
Garnet: What did you just say?
Angus: Get out and... you know, like a car? It was a stupid joke, sorry.
Garnet: Brice, you think you can do it?
Brice: Come on, I'd be insulted if you asked anyone else!

Angus: I feel like the conversation went left and I went right.
Garnet: You're a genius Angus.
Angus: Thank you. What did I say? Seriously I have no idea what I said.

Shouldn't we think about what the people who died would want? Harris worked in my department and I think he would want to continue to contribute to the mission's success. Isn't this a way for him to do so?


Cat Brandice: So! Maybe you wish to spend time in this room, I suggest you make an appointment for a session. I'll take you two separately or... both at once.
Lt. Brice: I bet you will.

Lt. Lane: Unbelievable! One damn knife dumped in a water tank is gonna kill us all!
Felix: How do you know that?
Lt. Lane: What?
Felix: I haven't told anyone where the blade was introduced into the water system. How do you know?

Alicia: Anyway, I'd be happy to show you around down there. It's really fascinating once you get into it.
Trent: I can't ever see getting into it like you, but hey, who knows! You seem really into it so maybe that'll rub off on me.
Alicia: I'll do my best to rub off on you!

The Ark Quotes

Garnet: They're not children. They volunteered to be here and deserve an honest command.
Brice: And naturally, you're the best person to step up to the plate?
Garnet: I'm the person that did step up. What the hell did you do?

Starting today, we have to expect more of each other. Of ourselves. We have no alternatives.

Lieutenant Garnet