The Ark Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Everybody Wins

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The Season finale of The Ark's first outing was the best episode of the entire series, even with some stressful cliffhangers.

The Ark Season 1 Episode 12 saw advancements made with the Klampkins cure and Ark One's relations with Evelyn Maddox.

Luckily, Lt. Garnet's instincts again proved helpful, but she had everybody's support this time.

Alicia and Angus Bonding - The Ark

Lt. Lane finally made up for all of his wrongdoings. He destroyed Ark 15's FTL (Faster Than Light travel) after he got recaptured.

Garnet and Brice still seemed wary of the lieutenant, but they both agreed that he (finally) did things for the good of Ark One.

Felix and Garnet on The Bridge - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

Evelyn Maddox also appeared on Ark One, but not after brilliant scientific advancements.

The cure Dr. Kabir and Alicia synthesized in The Ark Season 1 Episode 11 failed, and they spent part of the finale trying to figure out a solution.

They determined that the spider venom couldn't survive in the artificial atmosphere due to the helium byproduct that their systems leave.

The solution would require not exposing the spider venom to the air, and there's only one way to do that without synthesizing a compound to prevent the toxin from going rancid.

Stick your hand into a terrarium of spiders and let them bite you immediately after an injection of the other compounds.

Eva and Brice Holding Hands - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

The spiders didn't bite Brice right away, much to his stress, as apparently, Lt. Brice has a significant fear of spiders.

Alicia happily helped by banging on the glass to anger the spiders, causing them to bite Brice multiple times on his hand.

After playing the waiting game, Dr. Kabir and Alicia revealed that the spider venom negatively affected his liver but that he'd survive the side effects of the cure.

The good news is that the cure for Klampkins worked and that the vaccine and the spider venom killed all diseased cells, putting Lt. Brice into remission.

This caused tears from Eva to Dr. Kabir and even Garnet; tears flowed throughout the whole crew. But it also gave Lt. Garnet more leverage when negotiating with Evelyn Maddox.

Evelyn Angry - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

Evelyn Maddox continued her steadfast position against working with Lt. Garnet and the entirety of Ark One, but Garnet held her ground.

She forced Ms. Maddox to board Ark One (with Lane) to get the vaccine instead of telling Ark 15 how it worked.

Sadly, Evelyn Maddox had company on the shuttle unbeknownst to her, her daughter Kelly.

Kelly snuck onto the shuttle to get onto Ark One under the guise of wanting to be with her mother just in case the cure didn't work but snuck away (knocking out Jelena) to find Angus.

Once she found Angus, she attacked him, accused him of betraying her, and started to choke him.

Alicia and Angus Shocked - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

Luckily, an unexpected hero came to Angus's aid: Alicia.

Alicia took a shovel and whacked Kelly in the head with it. It wasn't a tiny hit; Alicia put her body weight into it and knocked the misguided girl out.

After Alicia ensured Angus was okay, she checked on Kelly to see the girl lying in a pool of blood (that came from her head).

After learning she got cured of Klampkins, Evelyn Maddox determined that Kelly went off to find Angus and found her daughter in the Garden bleeding from the skull.

Angus took the blame for Kelly's injury, but the girl didn't die. Evelyn Maddox rushed her daughter to Ark 15 to get surgery and potentially save her life.

Garnet Managing Things - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

Interestingly, Kelly may not be the only person who died in the finale.

The savior planet Trust and Maddox have been working for Proxima B, is finally ready to start rotating.

After William Trust tried to kill Evelyn Maddox and her entire crew, Garnet saved the day and had Alicia activate the magnets to start the planet's rotation.

Interestingly, the science behind the planet's inability to work got foreshadowed early in the episode, but it was subtle.

The dark side of the planet, not getting hit by the sun due to its lack of rotation, had a large body of water that Alicia found to be liquified, even with the temperature under freezing.

Angus Looking At Alicia - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

It turned out that Alicia was onto something because when the planet started rotating, the unfrozen liquid turned out to be methane, and immediaely caught on fire.

Arks One and Fifteen barely escaped the planet's area before it exploded, but Ark One took heavy damage.

The rubble from the exploded planet hit their ship, but Ark 15 managed to avoid serious issues.

We know that Lane, Brice, Garnet, and Alicia are alive. They were still on the bridge, and even though the bridge was venting oxygen, Evelyn Maddox joined their side and agreed to send over medical help and recuse teams.

But what about the rest of the council?

Alicia Looking at Angus - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

The bridge got cut off from the rest of the ship, leaving The lieutenants and Alicia in the dark about the fate of their crewmates.

In a stellar acting moment for much of the bridge crew, they desperately tried to contact the rest of the council or anyone on the ship.

There were no responses except from Maddox on Ark 15.

Ending the first season on a big cliffhanger like this is highly stressful, but it paid off. We've never wanted more of the show than we do right now.

Hopefully, the second season will come sooner rather than later (and we'll be super mad if anything terrible happens to Dr. Kabir, Eva, Angus, or Felix).

Felix and Alicia on the Bridge - The Ark Season 1 Episode 12

This ending was a HUGE gamble, but luckily, it paid off. It helps that the second season has already been confirmed, as the cliffhangers are INTENSE!

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be tuning into the second season?

Let us know your thoughts below, and remember to watch The Ark online here on TV Fanatic!

Everybody Wins Review

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