The Ark Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Last Thing You Ever Do

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The action and stress amped up on the penultimate episode of Syfy's The Ark's first season.

Garnet continued to enact her rescue mission on The Ark Season 1 Episode 11, which led her to Evelyn Maddox's invention, the weapon that uses the Aliciaminium.

We learned fast that Evelyn invented the element as a weapon and that nothing can stop it.

Brice, Alicia, and Felix - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

The excellent news is Garnet managed to send the weapon details over to Ark One, which also gave them access to Ark 15's schematics.

The bad news was that Garnet's rescue mission plan didn't see continued success.

Garnet Threatening a Guard - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

After taking out many different guards across the ship (mainly by the weapons room), she found herself in Ark 15's science lab, where they were breeding many species of spiders.

They didn't have the correct spider, but Garnet got the info on the other ingredients of the Klampkins cure.

Sadly, the man in the science bay woke up from her knocking him out and activating a ship-wide intruder alert.

She shortly made her way to the prisoners in the brig (because Ark 15 has an official brig), where guards swiftly caught her.

This seemed like a complete failure of her plan, but Angus managed to concoct a plan in his brain to convince Kelly to trust

Garnet Inside the Weapon Room - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Luckily, Angus turned up the charm, just like we wanted him to do, and he got on Kelly's side (helped by the red alert).

Due to the stress of the red alert o just because that's how the disease works, Evelyn collapsed during a dinner with Kelly and Angus.

Angus performed CPR on Evelyn and saved her life, after which we learned that Evelyn had had had Klampkins for a while.

Kelly also learned this information for the first time, which added to her emotional instability, which Angus spun to his advantage.

It's apparent that Evelyn has been a horrible mother to Kelly, which explains most of her emotional immaturity.

Kelly Being Creepy - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Samantha Glassner continues her brilliant portrayal of Kelly, continuously adding layers to the damaged girl's emotional state.

Angus convinced her to let him see the prisoners from Ark One, which now included the defeated Lt. Garnet.

They embraced, but Kelly shortly lost faith in Angus's bogus plan to convince William to cooperate. When she turned around, Angus took the food tray, slammed it on the back of her head, and knocked her out.

The gang took unconscious Kelly's weapon and ran out of the brig toward the shuttle bay.

Of course, Evelyn Maddox blamed her daughter, Kelly, for the escape of her prisoners, leaving Kelly defeated, angry, and crying.

Evelyn Disappointed - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Angus's plan came at a good time, as Ark 15 finally discovered that the spider DNA Ark One sent over was the wrong DNA, and Evelyn wanted to start killing hostages.

We know she wouldn't have killed William Trust first, as much as she'd want to, because she still needs his codes and science.

That would've left Lane. And while Garnet didn't come to save Lane, we also don't want to see the guy killed. He just has issues he needs to work out!

Luckily it didn't come to that, but we think Evelyn would have killed Lane had she had the chance.

Once at the shuttle bay dock, things seemed fine, but in true fashion for the show, something went wrong.

Trust and Lane - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Ark 15 proved the slight changes made to the ship extended to shuttles, as someone needed to stay behind to unlock the shuttle manually.

Lane volunteered to do it, which Garnet didn't want, but he wanted to go out as a kind of martyr, finally choosing the right side.

His sacrifice ended with him getting captured by Evelyn's people once again. However, Evelyn didn't want the shuttle to escape and locked her deadly weapon onto the ship.

Luckily, Eva saved the day as she found a way to stop the weapon in its tracks, causing it to backfire and explode.

Eva and Lane finally proved themselves trustworthy, but Cat still hasn't gotten the chance to redeem herself, and with only one episode left, we're unsure if she'll get the opportunity.

Cat and Felix - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Dr. Kabir and Alicia also synthesized some of the elusive cure for Klampkins, which Brice insisted on getting before they tested it.

Sadly, the vaccine didn't seem to do anything, and according to Dr. Kabir, his blood should have started to react immediately. So what did they do wrong?

We keep harping on this, but it's true: there's only one episode left in the season, and we can't see everything getting resolved so quickly.

Some things will be left for a cliffhanger, and with Brice's health (and Evelyn's health) deteriorating, we wonder who will survive the season finale.

The bright side, if there can be one with potential massive cliffhangers, is that the show seemed to find itself quality-wise this late in the game.

Evelyn Maddox - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

Luckily, even if we do get a boatload of cliffhangers, The Ark has been renewed for a second season by Syfy.

The ratings have been excellent (by current SYFY standards), with The Ark performing better than the similarly renewed Reginald the Vampire.

The show had a rocky start but could go out with a great season finale if the past two episodes indicate quality.

The action scenes have been fun (Garnet and Lane fighting off Ark 15 guards was a great scene), and the plot has (actually) made sense.

Hopefully, The Ark can ride this high into the season finale, and we are excited to see how the show will set up another season.

Brice Staring at a Computer - The Ark Season 1 Episode 11

So Fanatics, what did you think of the season's penultimate episode?

What do you think will happen in the season finale? Will everyone survive? Would you watch the second season?

Let us know your theories in the comments below!

The Last Thing You Ever Do Review

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