The surgery was bad medicine. She has made you a bad doctor. I need to go before I become a bad doctor too. I quit.


Glassman: I'm in.
Lim: Let's run her [Salen's] bandit ass out of town.

I told you this was a bad surgery. You didn't listen. You convinced me I was upset about Lea, but you were wrong. [To nurse] Sponges. [To Andrews] Innovation doesn't matter. What Salen wants does not matter. Our patient is dying because of you. You were wrong!


Morgan: I heard you joined Lim's posse.
Park: I live by the credo: people who kill babies shouldn't run hospitals.

Cody: Dad? DAD?
Morgan: Your dad's in surgery. What's up?
Cody: What's taking so long? He should have been out by now.
Morgan: I said the doctors here are good. I didn't say they were fast. In fact, they're kind of slowpoke.
Cody: I need to see Dad right away!
Morgan: Cody, everything is fine. I'm a doctor. I know these things.
Cody: That's what they said too. That's why I need to see Dad right now. Please!
Morgan: That's what who said?
Cody: The doctors right before my mom died.

Glassman: You did what you had to do. Now you gotta go.
Lim: Should I?
Glassman: Get out while you can.
Lim: And let Salen ruin this place? This is my home. I want to fight for it.

I was never a fan of big offices. It made me feel guilty about not reading enough books.


Shaun: You are bringing up me and Lea. Again.
Andrews: That's right. We have to understand how our personal dynamic affects our medical decisions.
Shaun: You are dating Salen. Does that - [to Jordan] Why did you just kick me? [to Andrews] Does that affect your medical decisions?
Andrews: I am very aware of my personal situation, and no, it does not affect my medical decisions.

Andrews: That's why we're practicing.
Shaun: You practice because things are difficult, not because they are impossible.

Aly: If I had listened to you, I would have ended my career in fishnets.
Aly's sister: If you had listened to me, you would still HAVE a career.
Aly: Yes, I should have been wearing my seatbelt.
Aly's sister: It shows a lack of judgment. Just like this transplant.

Shaun: A voice is not worth risking death for.
Aly: You don't sing, do you?
Shaun: No. But even if it's successful, your new voice may be very different from your original singing voice.
Aly: I know that. I just want a voice. People don't listen to robots.

Jordan: So you're not getting married?
Shaun: Yes.
Jordan: Over something she said over two years ago? Stop being a relationship archaeologist, Shaun. You're digging up stuff that's not relevant.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Morgan: Park, this is Joe and his son Cody. They had a spill while Joe was loading Cody into his wheelchair this morning.
Cody: I'm too big for you, Dad.

Lim: Good morning.
Andrews: Salen didn't tell you? She made me Chief of Surgery.