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Jordan opens the door to Lea, who is standing there with a suitcase and wants a couch to stay on. She lets her in.

Lim comes in to her office to find Andrews in there. Salen has made him Chief of Surgery.

Park and Morgan see a father and son who had an accident. The son, Cody, has a rare genetic disease that leaves him wheelchair-bound and his father had an accident while loading him into his wheelchair. The father has a broken clavicle requiring surgery.

Shaun and Jordan's patient is a former pop star who now needs a throat microphone to speak at all. She is supposed to have a tissue transplant to fix her voice issue but Shaun notices a blockage in her artery and thinks it's too dangerous. Andrews says they will do a CTA scan and she will be fine.

In another office, Salen tells Lim not to unpack--she's made a recommendation to another hospital to hire Lim so that she can be transferred out. Lim says that's one way to deal with dissent. Salen thinks it's too bad Lim wasn't willing to get on board with her approach.

Morgan stitches Cody up and is surprisingly empathetic with him as he worries about his father's surgery.

Jordan tries to convince Shaun that he's being ridiculous and should take Lea back. Shaun can't get past Lea having switched his test results (I thought they were already past that and she broke it off anyway?). Anyhow, the patient has a blockage just as Shaun thought. He thinks surgery is not a possibility.

Andrews thinks it's more risky but possible. Shaun thinks it's not worth it just to restore a voice. The patient wants her voice back.

During surgery, a nurse tells Lim she plans to get a different job in protest of Salen demoting Lim. Lim tells the team she may be moving on too. They all want to come with her.

Park discovers the source of nerve damage. Joe will permanently be paralyzed in his right arm. Joe wants to surgically fix it but the surgery risks him being paralyzed in multiple places. However, Joe fears if he can't take care of Cody, his son will be placed in an institution. He wants the surgery to try to stop that from happening.

Shaun is frustrated while practicing for Aly's surgery. He thinks this is impossible. Andrews says that usually, Shaun loves the challenge of difficult surgeries. Jordan thinks he's upset about Lea. Andrews says we have to be aware of how our personal dynamic is affecting our medical decisions. However, he denies that his relationship with Salen is affecting his.

Lim goes to her job interview. Dr. Novik is impressed with her but wonders why she would leave St. Bonaventure. He concedes that Salen will change the environment of any hospital.

Aly's sister wants Jordan to talk her sister out of the surgery. Aly and her sister argue.

Glassman tells Lim that Novik called him to ask if it was okay if he poached Lim. Six months ago he would have been pissed but he understands now. Glassman thinks Lim should take the new job so she can get away from Salen without repercussions. Lim decides she'd rather stay and fight for her hospital.

Shaun and Jordan talk to Lexie. Shaun thinks she should see her sister before the surgery in case the worst happens. Lexie says she lost her in th e var crash. Aly has never forgiven her for moving on with her career. But the truth is, Aly was the musical genius and Lexie's work is not the same now.

Aly has a bad reaction to the immunosuppressive drugs and crashes. Andrews thinks they can still do the surgery.

Shaun goes to Glassman. He does not want to assist on this surgery as he thinks it is too risky. Glassman tells him he can't stand up to his boss that way. Shaun says fine, he'll assist, but the patient will likely die.

While operating on Joe, Lim tells her team that she has elected to stay and fight Salen. Who wants to be a freedom fighter with her? Everyone but Park is immediately in. Park says he only has four months left and has been trying to stay under Salen's radar, but a baby did die so he's in too.

The team discovers the bone is fused to Joe's spinal cord, making surgery difficult.

Cody freaks out and starts calling for his dad. Morgan comes to see what's wrong. She says the doctors are good but not fast. Cody is upset because the doctors said they knew what they were doing when his mom died. His heart rate is dangerously high. Morgan tries to get him to calm down but he collapses.

When Joe wakes up after surgery, Park and Morgan give him the bad news. The surgery was not only a failure, but now he can't walk either. He's a parapalegic, and in addition Cody is in the ICU because his panic attack caused an aortic aneurysm.

Joe is taken to see Cody. In a heartbreaking scene, he tells him that Cody will have to go to an institution in San Francisco because he can't take care of him anymore. Cody says but they're a team. Morgan realizes Cody is seeing double and that maybe this is a good thing.

Shaun and Jordan discuss solutions for Nellie. Lim comes to see them but neither one will risk their careers to join her side against Salen. Shaun feels he is too emotional to make good decisions in this regard as his emotions are already "leaking." That gives Jordan an idea: bone marrow! Lim suggests Shaun join Jordan.

Jordan and Shaun talk to Andrews. Andrews says there is a risk of infection, as he is sure Shaun is going to point out. Shaun says that Andrews said it and Andrews is the boss. Andrews gives him a weird look before approving the treatment.

Lexie comes to see Nellie. She confesses that she was jealous because Nellie had all the talent when they were kids. Nellie would like to work with her again.

Shaun talks to Lea. He tells her how in fourth grade, the other kids bullied him in gym class so the teacher told him to stay out of class and he'd give him a B. He felt Lea was doing the same thing when she switched his survey results. Lea and Shaun make up and agree they will work hard on their relationship.

Morgan takes Cody to have a CT scan done. She thinks he might have a pituitary gland tumor causing some of his symptoms. Park thinks she just feels guilty about encouraging Joe to go for a surgery that caused more problems. Morgan, for her part, doesn't see what's wrong with wanting to fix things for her patients. However, she also thinks Park is wrong to help Lim and that Salen's changes will be good for the hospital in the long run. They find a tumor on Cody's pancreas.

Shaun is in a better mood during surgery now that he and Lea made up. Lim and Glassman observe. Glassman tells Lim to take the job with Novik. She tries to convince Glassman the hospital needs him too.

Morgan and Park give Joe the news. If they remove the tumor, Cody might be able to walk. Joe doesn't want to risk it after the last risk he took made everything worse. Morgan says but if this works he and Cody could remain together.

Nellie begins bleeding out. Shaun tells Andrews he tried to tell him this was a bad idea and that what Salen wants doesn't matter. Now they must save the patient. Salen is watching.

Andrews does chest compressions but Nellie flatlines. He finally gives up, upset. Salen is watching and is also upset. Suddenly, Nellie's heart rate returns to normal and her BP rises. Andrews wonders what the hell just happened.

Cody's surgery is a success. He's even able to walk without any physical therapy despite having been in a wheelchair forever. He can now take care of his dad, it seems.

Nellie's surgery is also a success and she can speak normally. She was lucky to have good clotting factors. That's what saved her.

Shaun tells Glassman that today was a failure. Glassman says that Nellie's surgery was a success. Shaun says that Glassman was wrong and so was Andrews.

Salen tells Andrews how excited she is for all the PR the hospital is getting because of Nellie's surgery. Andrews says it was only a success because he got lucky. Salen quotes Ghandi about luck. However, Shaun comes in and announces that Salen turned Andrews into a bad doctor and he's quitting before he becomes one too.

Glassman tells Lim he's in. Lim says they will run Salen's bandit ass out of town.


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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Morgan: Park, this is Joe and his son Cody. They had a spill while Joe was loading Cody into his wheelchair this morning.
Cody: I'm too big for you, Dad.

Lim: Good morning.
Andrews: Salen didn't tell you? She made me Chief of Surgery.