That's so cute, you like to combine two real words into one fake one.


Shiva, I offer you this autographed hat signed by Salt, Spinderella, but not Pepa.


Jenny: I'm been to prison, Ted! You don't scare me!
Kevin: Easy, Shawshank!

Crotch-beer? Don't mind if I do!


We're also gonna sell your d*ck for gasoline.


Ellie: Are you gonna get a divorce?
Jenny: No, we're not gonna get a divorce! We live in a great house!

Andre, this is prostitution-adjacent.


If you're into whores, I know some who are way cheaper and have much better taste in furniture.


Nobody can love Andre the way that we can love Andre, and we cannot stand Andre.


Frank: My sister's vagina belongs in the Louvre!
Ruxin: Why, because a bunch of Frenchmen have been in it?

I love when a belt buckle reflects what someone's hobbies are.


Pete: Does he know about Dirty Randy and the jizz-fest porno?
Andre: Do you think I have to disclose that?
Pete: Yeah, it's a law, it's called jizz-closure.

The League Quotes

Kevin: Well, Taco is rich.
Andre: Rich to Taco is like having twenty bucks and a can of Four Loko.

Taco: I want to be able to post whatever I want on
Jerry Jones: Post what?
Taco: Musings, pictures of shoes I like, drawings of historical figures interacting with food in unusual ways, portraits of people I know drawn from memory, sex photos.
Jerry Jones: No.