Lisbon: Visualize has a college.
Cho: Apparently you major in yourself.

Jane: This is Red John.
Lisbon: How can you tell?
Jane: Because when it's him I can feel it.

When aliens do come I hope they eat you.


If you truly want revenge you have to be hard. You have to be dishonest and devious and cold. You can't let people see what's really in your heart.


We are like the FBI only more conveniently located.


I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands.


Oh stop, self pity will kill you - take it from someone who knows.


Don't be naive. Men lie... and kill.

Van Pelt

Lisbon: Are you leaving the CBI?
Jane: No, of course not. What would I do for amusement?

Jane: Cheer up -
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: Because it's better to be happy than to be sad.

Well, if you'll excuse me I have your funeral to go to.


Lisbon: Look, we have a serious problem.
Jane: Yeah, I was really looking forward to a muffin.

The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.

Cho: You didn't steal jewelery from her?
Natalie: Please. She dresses like a Mormon call girl. I wouldn't wear her jewelery if you paid me.