Lisa Rinna: Brandi, you're kind of f**king crazy.
Brandi: And cheers to that.

That's like a man taking his clothes off and saying his penis isn't big enough. In your own words, shut the f**k up!

Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi: Do you think you'd want to go to lunch tomorrow?
Lisa Vanderpump: Why would I want to do that?

If you don't think of lips when you think of Lisa Rinna there's something wrong.

Lisa Rinna

Yolanda: I don't think your dad was interested in my boobs.
Brandi: Oh, for sure he is.

I've been trying to stick my boobs into my dress for an hour.


Cinderella was late for the ball. Or did she leave early? One of the two.


If anything goes wrong at the party, my plan is to be completed wasted so that I don't know what's happening because if you don't hear it and you don't see it then it didn't happen…like blackout sex.


My life does not revolve around Lisa Vanderpump.


The only thing that Lisa holds on to more than Giggy, is a grudge.


I'm the same horrible person that she was talking and running to all of my friends about. Why does she want me there now?

Lisa Vanderpump

Are a lot of people chub chubs here?