Mr. Robinson, I am a man of almost unlimited means, and I will use them to keep you in court the rest of your natural life. You seem like a nice kid. I would hate to see you on the street buried in legal fees you cannot pay. Because the truth is, you can't win a lawsuit that never ends. So the next time somebody saves your life, say thank you.


Josh: It's not personal.
Marshall: It is for me. Conrad's my son.

Josh is here because I took a risk. I broke a rule to save a life, that's what we're here for, but you know that.


Conrad: I won't make the same mistakes. I will make time for us.
Nic: We both are busy. But I will too.

I am not interested in being in your line of giants. I am the first of my line. An ancestor. Not a descendent.


Thanks, man. You're a great doctor.


There are things I can teach you even the Raptor doesn't know.


I already told the board not to worry because if you can't land Gordon, I will.


AJ: See mine. Do mine. Be mine. Okafor belongs to me.
Mina: I belong to no one.

In the words of my colleague Dr. Seuss, with this brain in my head and this blade in my hand, I shall save every patient in the lay of the land.


What happened doesn't matter. A doctor can do everything right and still get screwed. Just control your emotions, and let the lawyers do their job.


Lawyer: Isn't it true that you have a history of deviating from protocol?
Conrad: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to suggest that I put my patient at risk, but you don't know a damn thing about medicine.