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The doctors are at a concert tending to people when a stampede happens. One of the patients Conrad takes care of is a man named Josh. He treats him, but he eventually finds that he doesn't have a clot but rather a hemorrhage

The neuro doc isn't available and won't be in time, so Conrad performs a burr hole. Whatever happens, it leads to the patient, who happens to be an adventurer, to end up in a wheelchair. 

He wants to sue Conrad for putting him in the chair. Marshall is not having it with his son being put through the ringer. At first, Marshall tries to convince Conrad to do things his way to save him. 

Conrad wants to own up to his actions because he didn't do anything wrong. He does, and Marshall respects him for it. 

Marshall speaks to Josh in the elevator alone and offers to pay him money and not tell Conrad, but he has to apologize to Conrad and drop the suit. 

Bell meets up with Gordon, Julian's boss, in hopes of getting money for the hospital. He clears the medical expenses of everyone injured in the stampede and hopes that gesture will be enough to get what he's aiming for. 

Mina is tired of AJ treating her like a minion. They go back and forth during surgery. Bell calls them into his office, and he assigns Mina to the Ortho doctor Kit Voss who has been disappointed with her residents. 

AJ is mad and wants Mina back because at first he thought it was a good punishment, but he starts to notice that Mina is enjoying herself and he's jealous. Mina and Kit hit it off and work well together. 

Devon treats  a musician who is a recovering addict and alcholic. He thinks the guy fell off the wagon, but it was really a conditon he had that caused yeast to form in his stomach. He performs at the hospital. 

The Resident
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