Son, I'm leaving town, I'm not leaving your life.


I love you. You know that, but Mina I need to be with someone who loves me on the same level.


I know we'll get through this, and Nevins will do whatever it takes to help one of their own. That is if I'm welcome.


If it doesn't scare you it isn't worth doing.


Nic: Look, Jessie needs stability, OK? If that's not you just leave.
Kyle: Nic, this time I'm here, okay? For her, and you. You have to give me a chance to prove it.

I did this for the two of you. This could be my legacy.


Patient: What does this all make me? What am I?
Conrad: The same thing you've always been.

Julian: What was the final nail in the coffin for QuoVadis.
Marshall: It was a program called Sever. Twenty people were implanted with a VNS device and fifteen of them died.

Kit: Sorry, I know you have better things to do.
Bell: Nothing more important than you.

Alec: Are you sure you were a medic in the military?
Conrad: I know who I am. The question is who are you?

Conrad: Sorry about your sister, when did she pass?
Alec: She lives in Buffalo.
Conrad: Tell me you didn't just lie to our patient?
Alec: I could tell you that, but it would be a lie.

I think you've been avoiding me ever since I told you how I feel about you.