Nic: Does she know you're in love with her?
AJ: I beg your pardon? I'm her teacher, her mentor, to be anything else is to cross a line I wouldn't cross.

Gordon: Well done, Dr. Bell. Today is a good day both for Chastain and Quo Vadis.
Bell: Wonderful partnership.

The heart is having a heart attack?!


Julian: Doctors aren't trained to get this kind of dense research.
Conrad: The man can read.

Emotions can enrich our lives, but they can also destroy it.


Nic: Grief is horrible. It breaks you into a million pieces, I know. But I promise you, it will get easier.
Wallace: How?
Nic: By keeping Hannah's memory alive.

If I die, when I'm under, I'm ready. I get to be with Hannah.


Devon, this doesn't have to be weird. We are completely capable of being friends.


I had everything and you did this. You did this to me!