The Resident Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Heart In A Box

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All the things were happening during that installment. 

But The Resident Season 2 Episode 8 confirmed that QuoVadis is shady AF, Gordan is the worst, and Julian didn't know about any of it. 

So basically, it left most of us enraged, but not surprised. 

A Dangerous Game- Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

The question for most of the season was whether or not Julian knew how shady Gordon was. It was hard to determine how much knowledge she had because she often came across manipulative, pushy, and opportunistic. Plus, Conrad didn't trust her at all. He still isn't digging her. 

When it comes to reading people, always trust the judgment of animals, kids, and Conrad Hawkins. He can't be right all of the time, but his hesitancy is at least enough to give you pause. 

Has your impression of Julian changed at all? She may be the whistle-blower who can expose Gordon and QuoVadis, which puts her on the right side of things, but she's still an annoying character. She's not a foe, but she isn't a friend either. She's an ally, at best. 

Devon, this doesn't have to be weird. We are completely capable of being friends.


Julian needs to learn how to follow her gut. She suspected something was off with Gordon, but she allowed him to tell her pretty words with his lying mouth of lies, and she was right back to being his most faithful advocate and foot soldier fighting for something with no information. 

It was infuriating. Any sympathy Julian gained would vanish when she pushed her agenda on Henry's mother or was condescending to the pediatrician. Did you catch how rude she was about him reading the information on the product?

Julian didn't start questioning what was going on until after Henry had the VNS put in him. It was smart of Julian to head to the site so she could see their products for herself. It also felt like something she should have done a long time ago.

Mediating for a Cause - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

One couldn't help but shake their head as she replayed all the times Gordon lied while looking at them unpack all this stuff from freaking China and putting them in QuoVadis boxes.

So much for making products themselves.

Gordon is such a slimy, money hungry, despicable person. He's not even a good liar; everything about him is sleazy, so it's hard to believe anyone would buy into anything he says.

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We're supposed to root for Julian at the moment. It's not lost on me that Devon's unsubstantiated faith in her being a decent person is what pushed her to investigate more than anything else. 

Seriously, he has known her all of ten minutes, so what made him confident in her abilities to "do the right thing?" Especially given their circumstances, but I digress.

Gordon: Well done, Dr. Bell. Today is a good day both for Chastain and Quo Vadis.
Bell: Wonderful partnership.

Now we have to trust that she'll play her cards right when addressing this massive lie she caught Gordon in. He's committing fraud among other things, but instead of blowing the whistle the right way, she'll probably confront him about it and give him a chance to explain himself (and have someone cut the brake line in her car). 

Gordon is too shady for Julian to take him on directly and hope for the best. She's probably hoping his conscience will kick in or something, but he would have to have one, to begin with for that to ever work. 

Timing is everything, and it sucks that Julian didn't look further into this before Henry got the VNS. It's possible that he'll be fine, and all will be well with him as a result of it, but If something happens to sweet Henry -- if his mother loses another kid, I couldn't bear it. 

Coach Conrad - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

Conrad would be a wreck. It already feels like Conrad is fraying at the seams. It has been subtle but building for a bit now. He is invested in Henry and was treated like he was too close to be involved with the case. 

Conrad would be such a great dad. Coach Conrad was the most adorable thing ever, and it's a shame it was short-lived because of Henry's seizure. It's funny, ever since the CoNic miscarriage revelation, there is new meaning behind interactions with some patients. 

Caring at Work - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

It's like viewers have unlocked another level to their characters, and we get to see things from a new perspective. Conrad wasn't as prominent during this installment, but his attachment to Henry was poignant regardless. 

Nic: Grief is horrible. It breaks you into a million pieces, I know. But I promise you, it will get easier.
Wallace: How?
Nic: By keeping Hannah's memory alive.

Nic's connection with Wallace was a special one too. She spoke a lot of love, loss, and grief, and it all struck a chord given her experiences with Conrad. She's young but wise, and that was evident in her interactions with Wallace, but also with AJ. 

Once again, it needs to be pointed out that any combination of characters on this show works. AJ and Nic were fun, and Nic and Mina are always a good duo too. 

Nic is seeing what all of us are seeing. She can tell that AJ has feelings for Mina, and the best part about it is he didn't deny it. He confirmed it! 

Nic: Does she know you're in love with her?
AJ: I beg your pardon? I'm her teacher, her mentor, to be anything else is to cross a line I wouldn't cross.

AJ is such an interesting character because he comes across like a standoffish type of person, but he's more emotional and vulnerable than you'd expect. He's quite the conundrum. 

There are moments where it seems as if he's jealous of Mina's relationship with Micah, but he also supports it and has a way of helping her navigate it and understand it. AJ takes his mentoring of Mina seriously, and it doesn't stop at just medicine. 

You have to respect the guy more than ever when you realize that he isn't trying to sabotage her relationship, but he also has a grasp on boundaries given the nature of their relationship. He's prepared to wait things out, and I like that. 

Mina Opens Up - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

The Raptor is a patient man when it comes to matters of the heart. Well, except when a heart in a box has a heart attack, and it requires urgency. What a fascinating case! It was a pulse-pounding one too. There is no shortage of those on The Resident. 

I'm afraid AJ won't have to wait too long because Micah's health is concerning. There is something ominous about his issues, and it will be heartbreaking if he doesn't make it out of this series alive. 

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That background story on Mina had to be one of the most heartbreaking things revealed about a character on this show. For so long, she's treated as the Ice Queen, although we know better than that. She can come across emotionally detached, but with a devastating and tragic life story like that, can you blame her? 

A Wrinkle - The Resident Season 2 Episode 2

That brief story about the death of her sisters in a fire that she feels responsible provided us with so much insight into this character and why she carries herself the way that she does. 

The sophomore season has been all about peeling back layers on these characters that we have come to know and love, and it's very much appreciated. The show is doing an exceptional job with it, and it is happening in such an organic way. 

For example, yeah, we love Devon to pieces, but we're also getting to see him screw up. I'm not angry at Devon, but I am disappointed. Flaws make great characters though. He paid like hell for his recounting that kiss with Julian while sitting with Priya. 

Devon had the worst day ever at the ER. At first, it was amusing because Karma is a fickle bitch, and she was doing a number on Devon. However, around the time he was subjected to casual racism and punched in the eye by a meth-head, it stopped being fun. 

Devon Stays - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

He had a rough day, and he deserved it, but it was mostly supposed to make him reconsider Priya's offer. In the end, as expected, he told Priya that he would stay at Chastain. It was a nice touch when he recited the quote Conrad gave him during the pilot. 

Overall, this situation is frustrating. 

We didn't spend a lot of time with Priya, and she's a hard character of which to make sense. Priya's sudden decision to take a job across the country was meant to put a strain on her relationship with Devon and move his relationship with Julian forward. 

Priya went from suggesting that they could survive a long-distance marriage to wanting him to drop everything and move with her. She's a smart woman, and it makes no sense that she was suggest something so thoughtless. 

Devon Helps Priya Investigate  - The Resident Season 1 Episode 7

He's in a residency program at Chastain. He can't just up and leave on a whim. The frustrating thing is Priya knows this, but it's like she's suddenly being written as this vapid, selfish, inconsiderate character.

She may not have had a strong presence or a strong characterization during The Resident Season 1, but that doesn't mean she can be switched up for plot convenience either. 

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I also don't like that Devon is waiting for her to call it quits. He keeps trying to put the ball in her court. He's looking for a way out of this, and he's hoping that Priya will give it to him.

Here Comes Trouble - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

It's not a good look for him. Priya is presented as this unlikable person so that Devon doesn't look as bad. 

No one tops Lane, though. OK, maybe Gordon comes close. It was such a pleasure having Melina Kanakeredes back onscreen as this devious character. She's too good at playing bad.

I had everything and you did this. You did this to me!


Lane is in prison, and she's still a manipulative, cunning witch. It's the best, though. She has her hooks in Bell from behind prison bars, and as enjoyable as Bell has been this season, and as rough as a time he's having, the thought of him having to contend with Lane too is intriguing. 

She has such a hold on him. It's twisted and fascinating all at once. She was willing to blackmail the hell out of him, and he is willing to call her bluff, but he's also willing to help. 

Bell is always Hunter's prey. 

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. What did you think about this installment? Are you ready for Julian to blow the whistle on QuoVadis? 

Are you worried about Henry and Micah's health? What did you think about Mina's backstory? Hit the comments below!

The midseason finale is upon us, so watch The Resident online if you missed anything! 

Heart In A Box Review

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