Ezekial: Maybe we're done losing for a while.
Carol: Yeah, maybe.

Some people ain't meant to be parents.


Daryl: Your mom, where is she?
Lydia: Be glad you don't know.

I'm not gonna lie. Walking around in dead people's skin is pretty messed up.


Daryl: What would your mom do if she crossed some of our people? Would she kill them?
Lydia: If she had to.

Daryl: Why'd your people kill my people.
Lydia: It's us or them.

Daryl: I'll get her to talk.
Michonne: If she doesn't, you know what you have to do.

Two man band. Symphony of awesome!


Judith: I told you there was nothing out there.
Negan: You sure as shit did.
Judith: Language! I'm a kid, asshole.

This little window right here, is as good as a TV and I loved the shit outta TV back when that was a thing.


Jesus: You ever see them do this before?
Aaron: No...never.

Carol: I know what you went through, and I get why this is hard for you. But we've all lost something. You and me we both lost children and we kept going for each other. We've always been a family.
Michonne: And we still are. But Kingdom is Kingdom, Hilltop is here, and Alexandria is there. And in between there's a whole lot of broken world, and we cannot pretend otherwise.