Barbara: Congratulations, I'm gonna hit the road. Back at it tomorrow.
Dick: I'll see you out.
Barbara: I know the way. You kids have fun.

Gar: 300,000 nebulizers destroyed tonight. His whole operation.
Blackfire: And dozens of Gotham's mobsters in jail.
Gar: And a few in the hospital, thanks to Krypto.
Conner: Not a bad night.
Dick: It will be better when we bring down Crane and Jason. They're on their own now. They're getting sloppy. That's when we win. Good work.

Dick: One more?
Barbara: I think one's my limit. Thanks, though.
Dick: Okay.

Starfire: This might sound insane, but I am dying for ice some ice cream.
Blackfire: Did anyone think to grab some when we were at Snowy Cones?
Starfire: Maybe Door Dash. A couple of gallons of Rocky Road?
Conner: I can beat Door Dash.

Fuck Scarecrow.


Blackfire: Have you heard stories of Krypton?
Superboy: Wait, how did you know?
Blackfire: I can see the strength of Krypton running in your blood ... and something else.

Superboy: I thought your idea was good... about getting intel from the people on the street.
Blackfire: Why are you sitting next to me?
Superboy: I could use the company. I don't like lapse, bad memories.
Blackfire: Ditto.
Superboy: So, what's Tamaren like?
Blackfire: It's not like Earth. No open skies, flowing water. The very air burns your skin. I miss that burn.
Superboy: Why would you miss that?
Blackfire: We made life prosper from nothing but dust. Kori never appreciated Tamaren when she had it.

Dick: Barbara?
Barbara: Security here is a joke. It's my way of keeping my dad on his toes. Wanna grab a drink?


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We'll bring fear back to this town.


I'm Fuck, and she's Off.


Get your chemistry kit, an RV, and you've got a TV show.


Titans Season 3 Quotes

That's how you see my father, isn't it? As a sacrifice? You dragged him into this insanity. Just like you did Dick and Jason.


Jason never evolved. He never grew past his own worst instincts. Don't let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing.