Titans Season 3 Episode 11 Review: The Call is Coming from Inside the House

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It's becoming challenging to root for Dick.

Titans Season 3 Episode 11 put his worst traits on full display, and while it's understandable he didn't want anyone to be harmed in the scuffle with Red Hood, he needed to understand that the team needs to be united to face this threat.

When you have someone in a position of power, you need to be at ease with their decisions, and Dick always seems to be going rogue these days, leading me to believe Titans Season 3 will wrap with a new leader of the superhero group.

Rachel and Gar Reunited - Titans

Going into battle with Red Hood, he did have plenty of weapons at his disposal, but he failed to realize just how much the citizens of Gotham are anti-Titans, and that could be his ultimate undoing.

I believe Jason wanted Dick to kill him. It would put him out of his pain, and, well, the kid has been in pain since we first met him on Titans Season 1.

The public turning a gun on Dick and shooting him in the neck was a chilling development but successfully illustrated how far gone the city is.

Back for Blood - Titans Season 3 Episode 11

When you have civilians turning on the people who are supposed to be saving everyone, it shows there's no way of helping.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world and the people who aren't high on the water will go elsewhere to live. That might be what the final mission of the season will be.

Jason seemed to get a nice dose of reality when he realized that he had been unmasked and that he had this group of people looking up to him, wanting to follow him.

How will he wrap his head around that? He's officially passed the point of no return, and he knows it. There have been parts of Jason that regretted his actions, but as long as he's high on the concoction, he'll be causing problems for everyone.

Another Fight - Titans Season 3 Episode 11

Dick will forever be changed by the way he was shot, and given the emphasis on Rachel and Gar finding the Lazarus Pit, there's a good chance he'll die and be brought back, possibly minus his soul.

The show needs to find a way to reinvent Dick because he's becoming a bit too one-note for my liking. Connor was so desperate to help, and it was heartbreaking watching Dick shut him down at every turn.

Was Dick worried that Connor would let his emotions get the best of him and kill innocent people? Possibly, but he should have communicated that to his friend.

The Titans are nothing without communication. How can you expect someone to save your life when they're stabbing you in the back?

Teaming Up - Titans Season 3 Episode 11

Dick is obviously all about creating enemies these days, and it's not going to fly when we get to the likely final battle of the season with the Titans vs. Red Hood and Scarecrow.

Vincent Kartheiser is delivering as Jonathan Crane. His performance continues to be cold as ice, which complements the character well.

Crane has been a bit of a meandering villain, regularly being pushed to the periphery, but it makes sense when you consider the way the show wanted to make us love and hate Red Hood.

Some of the creative choices have been out there on Titans Season 3, but now that Crane is fully embracing the fact that he can kill without having a persona, it makes things more unpredictable.

Kory Learns a Secret - Titans Season 3 Episode 11

The team-up of Tim and Donna was everything I wanted and more. Tim's introduction into the world has been handled with care, and his lair was better than I thought it would be.

He's more well-connected than some of the characters, so it was obviously going to come as a shock that he has all these computers that can help in the battle to save Gotham.

What also worked very well was that the two characters remembered everything that happened in purgatory. I figured the show would merely have them feel connected to one another but never shed light on whether they knew how they first met.

We know Tim Drake becomes Robin, but his journey is already off to a thrilling start, and I suspect the Titans will look very different when the fourth season picks up.

Tim Stares - Titans Season 3 Episode 11

The revelation about Kory's powers found my jaw firmly on the floor. Kory spent this whole time thinking her sister wanted to steal her powers, but her sister has been the true successor since the beginning.

Kory will not be able to process that quickly, and her sister, well, this will either bond them or drive a further wedge between them.

Komand'r has long been deemed the black sheep of her family, being sidelined in favor of her sister, and she might want to lash out when she knows that it wasn't supposed to be that way.

The woman who cast the spell said it would come with a great price, and I don't believe that we've witnessed that play out yet. Kory has a new bunch of powers, but they will probably send her on a much different direction than before.

Helping the Public - Titans Season 3 Episode 10

All told, this was my favorite episode of the season. It had everything I loved about the show, as well as some intriguing new directions.

What did you think about that Starfire reveal?

Is Dick grating on your nerves?

What do you think will happen with the Lazarus Pit?

Back to Gotham - Titans Season 3 Episode 10

Are you ready for Tim Drake to suit up?

Hit the comments below.

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The Call is Coming from Inside the House Review

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