Yeah, because who wouldn't want to use the Bat plane?


Barbara: Thanks, Dick.
Dick: Thank you.

This is bullshit.


Tim: Dick said to cut the red wire.
Gar: It's never the red wire.

Don't kill her. Crane wants her alive.


I know it's a lot to ask, but please, will you help me?


Connor: Why are you doing this? You know Kryptonians can't survive on Tamaran. Why do you even want to go back? You said it yourself, they never appreciated you.
Blackfire: But now it's different. Now I'm their Queen.
Connor: So you need to be a Queen to matter? You mattered to me from the moment I saw you. Komand'r, stay here with me. To hell with everyone else.
Blackfire: I wish I could. But it's not that simple.
Connor: So you're just like the rest of them. You promise one thing and then change the rules.
Blackfire: I meant what I said about wanting us to be together. But ever since I was a girl, there's been a voice inside me that says that I am meant to be more than what others make me out to be. Now I finally know. That voice was telling me who I really am. If I don't go back to Tamaran, I won't be home. If I don't go back now, I never will.

Your story begins the night your parents died.


Tim: I live in Chinatown.
Donna: Good old Gotham City.

This conversation isn't over.

Tim's Dad

Gar: What's wrong?
Rachel: Something's happening to Dick.

This is the Lazarus Pit.


Titans Season 3 Quotes

That's how you see my father, isn't it? As a sacrifice? You dragged him into this insanity. Just like you did Dick and Jason.


Jason never evolved. He never grew past his own worst instincts. Don't let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing.