They're throwing us a goodbye party. It's supposed to be a surprise, but I didn't want you to kill anyone, so heads up.

Dr. Mann

Nora: You're a woman now. I need you to be brave and strong.
Mackenzie: You sound like Roxanne.
Nora: No. Roxanne sounds like me.

It's the burden of the straight cis white guy whose mom's in fucking Congress.


I don't want to be a liability anymore. Or a pawn. Or a Y chromosome with legs.


The real you is a shadow and it is always there.


If time was more like an ocean, then you can't just pick one moment out. It's all mixed together, the good and the bad.


I've known a million men like you. I've spent my entire life making assholes seem reasonable.


These women built a shrine to men. They are mourning a world that hurt us. That has consequences. And we are those consequences.


Yes, I know, women are people and people are awful, but I'm just saying statistically you are, like, less likely to start shit.


This is a woman who has concerns about fluoride. She's not a serious person.

President Brown

Sonia: Your hands are disgusting.
Yorick: Yeah, it's the apocalypse.

Laura! Don't touch the fucking corn pops!


Y: The Last Man Quotes

I think it's going to get worse -- maybe a lot -- before it gets better.

President Brown

President Campbell: I like you, Jennifer. I want us to be friends again.
Jennifer: We will be, in about two and a half years.