John: What do you want to know?
Beth: What is it? Exactly.
John: It's the trash can for everyone who's attacked us. It lays in a jurisdictional dead zone in a county with a population of exactly zero; hence, no jury of your peers, no change in venue. Why are you so surprised? Where do you think the men who attacked you in your office and attacked us at our ranch went? You shocked we found a way to circumvent the consequences of defending ourselves? I'm shocked we needed a way, but we do. We always have. And unless we're willing to walk away from 120 years of our family bleeding into this ground, we always will.

Jimmy: I'm happy.
Emily: You should be. Hope you been buyin' lottery tickets as lucky as you got.

And this is why I said he's not fit for this office.


Lynelle: It's a hit piece, Clara. They smell blood in the water.
Clara: Who smells blood?
John: Everyone.
Beth: Maybe you should take 'em to the train station.

If there is a place our enemies go and nobody ever knows they went there and they will never come back, then I think that's the place for Jamie. What do you think, daddy?


I didn't say stop rubbin'. Your work day ain't over, baby.


John: I've got somethin' to ask Kayce, but we both knows who wears the pants, so I'm just gonna cut out the middle man and ask you.
Monica: OK.
John: I'm needed in Helena. I need Rip with the cattle, and I've got no one to run this place. Next to the Reservation is what's called East Camp. There's an old house there that needs a little work. It's yours if you'll take it.
Monica: In exchange for what?
John: The ranch can't be Tate's someday if the ranch isn't here. I need his help. I need it from all of ya.
Monica: We can help.
John: Thank you.
Monica: That's all you ever had to do, you know. Just ask.
John: Well, now I know.

John: You know what they say about cowboyin'. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
Rip: [chuckles] It ain't that!

Beth: Don't touch my Titos.
Summer: I drink scotch!
Beth: Of course, you do, with your hairy fuckin' armpits. Oh, let's get one thing clear. You touch my peanut M&Ms in the freezer, I will kill you in your sleep.
Summer: I sleep with a knife, and I have a peanut allergy.
Beth: You know, we might make it through this.
Summer: If you're done insulting me, I have something I need to show you.

Jamie: Ask your husband where the train station is and how many times he's been there. You want to know the real price for protecting the ranch? I don't think you do. If the goal is protecting the ranch from future generations of which you have none, then monetizing the ranch is the only option. The airport was the only option, and you fuckin' know it! You're a businesswoman. How's the cow business treatin' you, Beth? You see any long-term plays there? You know all of this! And you can't convince him. Well, I am guaranteeing the ranch is passed down to Tate, to my son, to their children someday. That is the promise that I made, and that is the promise I'm gonna keep. The greatest threat to that ranch is our father. And you know that, too. So I will remove the threat. [Sarah appears]
Beth: You'll take your approval anywhere you can find it, won't you, Jamie? Bet you're one expensive hooker. Enjoying your marionette?
Sarah: Every inch of him.
Beth: OK. So, it's war.
Jamie: War's over, Beth.
Beth: No, Jamie. War is just beginning.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not ordering a steak anytime soon, but I understand now. I understand why you brand and why you vaccinate and why you move them from one pasture to another. Twelve million tourists a year come to Montana from cities. You might want to think about inviting a few of them over so they understand who you really are and what you really do 'cause they have you pegged as a bunch of misogynist bigots who are ruining the environment, and that is not who you are.


John: You're a smart woman, Summer. A very, very smart woman.
Summer: I'm a smart person.
John: Well, women are smarter than men to begin with, so I'm just judging you against your peers.

Yellowstone Season 5 Quotes

You may be stronger than me, but make no mistake. Men are the weaker sex.


Mo: Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Rainwater: He'll kill the hotel and the airport. It's a good thing for the land, but I don't see how it's good for us. Not yet, anyway.