Mitch: So, in honor of that, all that matters is keeping you and this baby, this currently unnamed baby, safe.
Clementine: I thought I'd have a little more time to think on it.
Mitch: Oh, right. Accelerated pregnancy.
Clementine: What do you think about Cadmus?
Mitch: What? Did your cult-member boyfriend give you that one?
Clementine: Don't be mean.
Mitch: How about Chris Cornell?
Clementine: Nice try.

Do you know what it was like in that tank for ten years? I had some dreams about you and me and they were pretty good, but now I know they don't mean anything because in real life whenever there is a sliver of hope, just a little bit of a light, plane comes falling out of the sky, a maniac sterilizes the world or monsters try to tear out my throat. Whenever there's one little bit of light, darkness just swoops back in. But now it's worse because now you're the darkness. The one person I though I could trust. YOU are the darkness.


Bad parents don't feel guilt. They just drink and watch cable news.


Mitch: You think I'm mad at you? You think I'm mad that your pathological obsession almost got us all killed. Almost got Clem killed?
Jamie: I never meant for that to happen.
Mitch: I DON'T CARE!!!! I don't care what you meant! I'm not mad at you because I'm not anything as you anymore.

I don't trust you, Jamie. I didn't trust you when I got on the plane in Mexico, and nothing I have seen has changed my mind. And this? Leaving Mitch as Duncan to kill Abigail?


It's gonna take a whole lot more with a new baby to make everything right in the world.


I used tank concentrate to speed up your healing.


Duncan: No witty comeback?
Jamie: Rosemary White.

Duncan: You can get rid of me now, but the die has been cast.
Jamie: What do you mean?
Duncan: We left you a treat. Death is just the beginning.

Abigail: Mitch?
Mitch: Yeah?
Abigail: Wrong answer.

Jackson: Dariela said the nest contains every kind of hybrid, right?
Abraham: What are you thinking?
Jackson: Use the fluid to save Abigail. We'll get more. We're going to Seoul.

Duncan: I told you, I'm programmed to serve one person and one person only. You think you thought this through, but you have no idea what you did.
Jamie: What are you talking about?
Duncan: By killing Abigail, you just ended the world.

Zoo Quotes

They were raised in cages. In a way, they're kind of the victims here.


All men are unknowable. With animals, you know where you stand.