Mitch: Why didn't you tell me what was going on?
Clem: You had a lot going on.
Mitch: Clem, you are the only pregnant woman in the entire world.

You know, most people, they just worry about running into their ex at the grocery store not arresting them for murder.


So you're pregnant, huh? That's cool.


Clem: My baby and I will have a normal life.
Mitch: You and I both know that's not possible. That baby will be the opposite of normal because it's the most important thing that's happened in an awfully long time.

Jackson. He chose Jackson.


Clementine and that child will survive because if they die, all of mankind dies with them.


Clem, hey, it's your dad. Chloe tells me you're still in New York. So am I, and apparently I'm a lawyer now.


How are you guys used to these things? I feel like I got a chick pea in my ear.


Mitch: Oh, hey, I just had her finger in my mouth. This one's all you, pal.
Logan: Great. Thank you.

Mitch: I don't need your help. I'm a scientist, for God's sake.
Logan: You're a vet.

Jamie: OK. What do we do?
Mitch: Land the plane. And I need you to get me four items. Car battery, commercial grade velcro, lollipops and a pig.

Mitch: Drill firmly and evenly just until the skull pops. Turn it off. Do not drill too far.
Jamie: Until the skull pops. Got it.
Clem: "Got it." Like this is no big deal.

Zoo Quotes

They were raised in cages. In a way, they're kind of the victims here.


All men are unknowable. With animals, you know where you stand.