Frank: We've lost too many good cops. So I try to shift my weight a little. But how many times can I bend the rules before the costs outweigh the benefits?
Sid: I think you got room.
Frank: I don't. This whole past year I've become too much of a soft touch.
Sid: I must have missed the soft touch days. Can I say something?
Frank: You may not. Wisdom given to make someone feel better about themselves is not wisdom. It's blowing smoke.
Sid: Sir, no one ever lay on their deathbed saying they wished they were more of a hardass.

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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 14: "Allegiance"
Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Danny: Does this happen every time?
Baez: I don't think so.
Man: Is there a doctor in the house?
Danny: Police.
[Danny goes backstage and checks the woman out]
Danny: Lunch is gonna have to wait, partner. I'm not getting a pulse.

Ray: You didn't have to come all this way just for me.
Frank: That's what happens when one of our own is shot. There's no other way.