Park: Shouldn't you be judging this guy the most harshly of all? You made it out without breaking the law.
Claire: That's not exactly true. My mom would take off on these trips and I would have no money. So when I needed supplies, I would go to the store and put them in the bottom of my backpack. One day the bag brokeand all the oatmeal and soup I'd stolen fell out onto the front of a security guard. She looked at me, at my face and at my clothes and she helped me pick them up. She let me go with a warning. And if she hadn't done that, I wouldn't have become a doctor standing here with all of you.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11: "Fractured"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Shaun: Being with Lea felt very different than being with Carly
Glassman: Maybe that's why you wanted her here instead of Carly in the first place.
Shaun: Lea and I are just friends.
Glassman: Yeah, she's made that very clear. Sometimes you learn more about people from what they do than what they say. Of course, who the hell knows what she wants? But what do you want?

Lea: You want to talk about last night? I think we should.
Shaun: Why?
Lea: Cause you were in a really bad place last night and -
Shaun: I feel better now. Thank you.