Penny: You locked them in your basement?!
Dr. Lorvis: Well, they're, they're not locked in. The door just sticks.
Penny: Okay, so how do they unstick it?
Dr. Lorvis: They'd need the key.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 7: "The Misinterpretation Agitation"
The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Okay, what's the big deal? Look, if it helps me make a sale with a physician, I don't think it hurts to flirt a little. I mean, laugh at their joke, touch their arm, maybe crank up the AC in the car beforehand, you know, to wake up the girls.


Amy: Bernadette is a successful microbiologist. She should be celebrated for her achievements, not her looks. I mean, what kind of message does that send?
Penny: I think the message is -- "Check out the rack on that scientist."