Michael: Well, I got news for you, Gob. Dad still doesn't trust me to this day. He treats me like a low level employee.
Gob: It's better than being treated like the goofball... the joker... the magician (uncrosses arms dramatically and nothing happens)
Michael: I thought you were gonna do, like a trick there, like the fireball or something.

Michael Bluth, Gob Bluth
Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 2: "Top Banana"
Arrested Development
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Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Okay, we are just about ass-to-ankles back here, Maeby. Do you want to hop on your cousin's lap there, please?


Gob: I should be in charge. I'm the older brother.
Michael: Do you even want to be in charge?
Gob: No ... but I'd like to be asked!