Emma: My head's not clear. I'm off my game, and there's no room for that, not if I wanna go to Mars, not if I wanna be the best.
Matt: Whoa, Em, hey, hey. Em, whoa. You are the best, okay? Hey, what's going on?
Emma: Well, you... you don't get it. You know, you're a man. You get to do it all.
Matt: Uh... Well, since when has being a woman ever slowed you down? Look, I... I don't... You're pregnant.
Emma: I don't know. I'm late. I'm vo... vomiting. So, yeah. Yeah, I'm a little concerned.
Matt: I see. All right. Look, I'm... I'm in this with you, okay?
Emma: It's easy for you to be in this with me. You have a kid; you're a better astronaut; they move you up the list. Women move down the list. Look at Melissa. She was kicking ass, and now they won't even let her fly.
Matt: Melissa... that was her choice.
Emma: Exactly. There's no decision. I'm not giving up flying.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 7: "Goodnight Mars"
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AWAY Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I told myself I'd miss things, but it's much harder than I ever imagined. Earth is so far away now, Lex. Just a dot, a tiny dot of light in the sky, which means you're farther away. I just wanna stay close to you.


Lu: How can this be?
Kwesi: Have you ever seen a dandelion grow through a crack in the cement? There's a Swedish study about children who thrive against all odds. They call them dandelion kids. Uh... My mother was a child psychologist.
Lu: So you're saying there's no explanation?
Kwesi: Maybe it's a miracle.