Sandra: Andrea, I’m sorry. I should have told you.
Andy: That my mother’s alive? That she faked her own death? That she let me believe…
Sandra: You called me 11 times. You said you wanted to talk. You said your father had lied to you. You said you found my letters.
Andy: I thought she killed herself. I… I wanted to see you. I missed you. I wanted to know why you left me after she died, why I never saw you again. Why I missed you.
Sandra: Mija, how could I? How could I see you? What could I have said? What could I have said that could be true?
Andy: Did my dad know? Did he know she was alive?
Sandra: That’s not my story to tell Andy. Your mother is here. She came a long way…
Andy: She came a long way. You want me to give her credit after 20 years, after 20 years?

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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 1: "Nothing Seems the Same"
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Maya: Hey, a reminder for the virtual memorial service for Capt. Herrera will take place this afternoon.
Vic: I can’t believe after all the crap we went through to get him his line of duty funeral we have to do it on the fricking internet.
Maya: Agreed.
Jack: Tell me again why we can’t just wait until after lockdown? He was cremated anyway.
Travis: ‘Cause we don’t know when after lockdown is going to be.
Jack: It can’t be more than a couple weeks, right?
Ben: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Tucker: Mom.
Joey: Miranda.
Bailey: My boys. What? Benjamin Warren, you are a sight for sore eyes and back and feet. I miss you.
Ben: I miss you.