Eobard: Unfortunately, Miss Danvers, we need you awake for this procedure.
Kara: My, my cousin... he'll find you.
Eobard: Your cousin. Really? Fun tidbit. I fought your cousin once. In the future. He is fast. I'm faster.

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 8: "Crisis On Earth-X, Part 3"
The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Barry: Well, as a Snart we know use to say, "Make a plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan."
Leo: Wow. That is... that is terrible advice. I always have a plan, down to the second, so nothing ever goes wrong.

Dark Arrow: Felicity Smoak. Turn the power back on.
Eobard: He said, "Turn the power back on."
Felicity: Sorry, Eobard. Eobard?
Eobard: Eobard.
Felicity: Eobard. My God, the future sounds weird.
Eobard: That's funny. Sometimes we think we're more clever than we are. Because where I come from, the history books are filled with stories of this Age of Heroes: Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash. And yet no one... no one has ever heard of Felicity Smoak.