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  • Grace gets a call where someone is at a house  holding people hostage.
  • Carlos shows up. They figure out that someone SWATed them and when Carlos tased them the knife went into him. He dies.
  • Grace takes a leave of absence because she doesn't feel she can trust herself to make the calls.
  • Grace goes to Carlos to talk to him about it because they're angry and want to do something about it.
  • Judd gives them a lead on how to track down who was making the calsl and why.
  • Owen punches a guy when he's out on a date with Catherine. She gets upset with him for it.
  • Catherine gets flowers and when she opens the note, a powder hits her in the face. She calls in a biohazard
  • The Feds show up to take over and find the person who delivered the message.
  • Tommy and Owen are with Catherine and explain to her what it could be.
  • They find the kid who delivered the flowers and when they start interviewing him, he collapses and starts bleeding out of his nose and mouth. He's considered a biohazard.
  • They find out that the powder was actually corn starch
  • Carlos and Grace find the right person who did the SWATing and track themdown to LA they call in Athena to help find the guy and they do.
  • Owen and Catherine have their date night at his place. When the head to the bedroom they find a dead pig in Owen's bed with Toxic Pig written on the walls. It's likely done by the same person who sent Catherine the floweres.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Grace: Carlos, you've got skills, but you also got something else.
Carlos: You.
Grace: You've got rage.

Judd: Grace, it's not your job to be suspicious. It's your job to help somebody.
Grace: I didn't help anybody. I got that man killed.