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  • Tommy is packing away Charles' belongings and Julius helps her.
  • She gives him Charles wingtip shoes and  he invites her to his latest show.
  • A couple that is breaking up with one another apologizes and lovingly returns their belongings and divvies things up.
  • He gets stuck in the chute trying to save things and they have to come rescue him.
  • Grace and Judd have dinner with Wyatt his mother and stepfather. Wyatt has an internship that will be in Austin if he gets it, and the Ryders invite him to live with them if he gets the job.
  • Nancy wants to tell everyone that she and Mateo are dating, but Mateo keeps putting it off.
  • Game night gets awkawrd when Nancy and Mateo bicker and no one understands why.
  • Tommy goes to see Julius perform and when they get back home, they make out with each other. Tommy visits Charles' grave and talks to him about it thinking it was his way of giving Tommy his blessing.
  • A woman trying to get away from an abusive husband throws herself under her moving car to stop it from rolling away with her kids there.
  • She tells people that her husband is abusive but since she didn't file a report there is nothing Carlos can do.
  • OWen goads the husband into punching them and then has him arrested for assault.
  • They trick Nancy into coming to Tarlos' apartment for game night and finally talk things out. They reveal they were hooking up and Mateo shares that he was insecure about being so much shorter than her. But nancy doesn't care about any of that.
  • The job interview doesn't go well for Wyatt and Judd blames himself.
  • Tommy and Julius talk, and Julius tells her that he loves her but he's not man enough to fill his brother's shoes yet and he plans on
  • Judd gets Wyatt another shot or goes in the building to do it. Workers talk about a smell.
  • The building explodes and takes down half the building with Judd inside. A terrified Wyatt calls 911.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Marjan: Now, what the hell is going on between you two?
Mateo: My God, this is getting ridiculous. Nothing is going on between us?

Mateo: I don't regret anything.
Nancy: Then what's your problem, dude?
Mateo: This. This is my problem.
Nancy: But I've always been taller than you, that's not news.