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Lila calls Grace to tell her that someone is stealing her house, she's in a trailer.

Lila sees her ex husband is the one stealing it.

Sergeant O'Brien is on the call and following the husband and they all devise a plan to trap the husband before he kills the wife or someone on the road with his reckless driving of the trailer.

The husband Mitch and the wife are obsessed with the dirorce proceedings and who got what. Marjan has to descend from a chopper to get the wife out and then argue with her until she convinces her to leave with her.

They send Mitch down a patch of highway where he'll get caught in the overhead and arrest him.

Owen meets up with Rose the agent and her partner who tell him that the group he was with are on the domestic terrorist list.

They tell him that the Honor Dogs are a militia group who are planning an attack. They don't have enough for a warrant and want him to plant a transmitter in the office after he planted a bug. Their source is no longer alive from the sounds of things.

They appeal to his 911 connection.

Tommy shows up at the call center and she and Grace gossip about the reverend.

Tommy is unsure about him being a pastor what the other congregation members will say and the whole sex issue. She's not interested in getting married again but no sex could be a dealbreaker.

TK meets Iris, they have dinner. Iris gives TK the third degree.

Iris gets to know TK but is very quirky and doesn't seem all that impressed or interested in signing the divorce papers. She says she has to think it over and takes them with her.

Trevor shows up at the station and Tommy is flustered and nerverous which he's amused by but he asks her to dinner and she accepts. TK and Nancy overhear it all and are amused.

Owen returns to the Honor Dogs place and is too obvious, but he asks about the ceremony and their eagle and all that and then exuses himself to go to the bathroom hoping to plant the transmitter.

O'Brien catches him after he planted the bug and seems suspicous.

O'Brien talks to Owen. He's an Honor Dog and Owen fishes a bit which O'Brien recognizes. He wonders how Owen ended up there and warns him against coming back again becuause it's not th eplace for him. Owen meets with Rose in a parking garage and tells her what happened. She tells him the mission is over but then she realizes he didn't activate the bug and now he must go back.

Tommy has a sex dream about her pastor

Tommy tells Owen about her dreams and stuff.

TK goes to the center to talk to Iris. Iris still says she won't sign the papers but when Tk gets indignant about it she elaborates that they should get an annullment becuase it suits their situation better. She also tells TK that carlos likes hot messes and a fixer upper and needs a project. It seems to get under TK's skin.

Trevor arrives at Tommy's place for the date but he notices all the place mats. Tommy invited Judd and Grace to dinner and they arrive just then and the girls are coming down for dinner too.

Obrien is at Owen's house when he gets home and startles him and shows him the bug. He says he figured it out and got rid of the footage from the cameras in the guy's office and tells Owen to come with him.

Trevor leaves the date after getting the message.

Grace and Judd talk to Tommy about how she tanked the date but Trevor returns and kisses her and wnats another date without chaperones.

TK talks to Carlos about being a hot mess and project and Carlos reassures him.

Carlos gets a phone call. He shows up at the homeless encampment. Apparently Iris' car is there abandoned at the encampment and she left the divorce papers on the seat. She's presumably missing.

9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Grace: Something compelled you to give him your phone number.
Tommy: It wasn't the Holy Spirit.

Rose: Capt, these men you've been associating with, the Honor Dogs, what do you know about them?
Owen: See, I think the phrase "associating with" is misleading. I've ridden with these guys a couple of times. As far as I can tell, they're motorcycle enthusiasts who like to brand each other from time to time, so I don't know much.
Rose: The Honor Dogs are a group of fringe separatists whose stated goal is the return of the state of Texas to its founding fathers.
Owen: The Mexicans?
Rose: They skipped right to the Alamo part.
Owen: But they know how it ended right?